New contributors to provide their analysis

As we regularly announce you in this blog, we constantly include new content provider whose experts and traders share their Forex analysis with our readers. In the last weeks, the 5 new companies that joined our Forex ship are:

FC Exchange

FX ExchangeFC Exchange is one of the UK’s leading foreign exchange brokers specialising in international money transfers or individuals and businesses. The are publishing a daily report called “Morning Market Update“.

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Gonçalo Moreira’s New Data Analysis Articles

Gonçalo MoreiraOur in-house Analyst Gonçalo Moreira (CMT) is helping our readers to make the most of some of the raw data and material you can find on FXStreet.

He proccesses and put them in perspective in short and easy-to-read articles that should bring value to the traders in his daily analysis:

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Happy New Year… What are your resolutions?

2013 is almost finished already… in a few days, we’ll enter in a new year: time for a new start, new challenges, new needs, new dreams. We’ve asked some of our contributors to share with all of us their New Year Resolutions, in terms of their trading career, but not only!

Ed Ponsi, Carol Harmer, Valeria Bednarik, Joseph Trevisiani, Kathleen Brooks, Navin Prithyani, Ilian Yotov, Dr. S. Sivaraman, David Pegler, Bradley Gilbert, Tarik Chebib and David Cooney answer the call. Their Resolutions go from “Stay disciplined” to “Figuring out a remedy for the daily 5 AM wake-up call courtesy of my four-year-old daughter” going through “Understand the drivers of the US economy better” or “Stop Being Reflexively Contrarian”.

Maybe you will discover you have similar goals or maybe they will give you inspiration. Aren’t you curious?

Read our exclusive article: Our Contributors’ New Year Resolutions takes this opportunity to wish you all the best for the new year: may 2014 brings you what you desire!

Season Greetings 2013

Forex Reports: New Contributors

It’s been a while since we last shared with you the new comers in the Reports Contributors family of! Here there are:


Think Forex ThinkForex is a broker that facilitates foreign exchange trades in a secure and stable operating environment. They are dedicated to providing industry-leading technology to the international trading community and we strive to deliver educational tools and resources that enable traders to further develop their trading skills.

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New Reports Contributors counts with the collaboration of dozens of companies, websites, traders, analysts and educators to offer our readers a wide range of Forex trading content and analysis.

Some have been on our website for years, others just landed… we want to present you the new contributors that have recently started to share their reports on our Analysis section.

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New Forex Analysis Reports

forex reportsHere are the new reports we started to publish on our Analysis section at in the last weeks:

Reading the Technical Tea Leaves

Tim Thielen is CMT and joined FXstreet in 2013, with 15 years of portfolio management experience. He is also Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager for Sea Change Capital, the MP for the Sea Change Portfolio, LP – a market timing fund with its roots based in technical analysis.

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Forex Analysis: New Team reports on EURUSD and Macro Economy

Pablo Piovano and George Pavlopoulos, Editors, have started to produce their own Forex Analysis report on our website:

The EURUSD Aperitif

by Pablo Piovano
Pablo Piovano

In this weekly column published on Sunday evenings or Monday early mornings (European times). It exclusively covers the EURUSD pair and analyses the previous week’s events in the Foreign Exchange markets. The main purpose is to give hints about what investors can expect in the coming week, mixing both technical and macro analysis.

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New Contributors: Traders4traders and FX Primus

Traders4traders and FX Primus started publishing their reports on in July. We want to warmly welcome and thank these new contributors for sharing their analysis with our users.


Traders GCF LLC is a global investment firm with a specialist focus on foreign exchange markets. The company realised there was a complete absence of authentic ‘experienced’ educators in the market. As an extension, Traders4Traders was formed to provide leading training programs to help investors trade in different and complex market conditions. Whatever the level of experience of the investor, Traders4Traders has the right solution for you.

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New report by FXDD: Market Update

Market Update” is a new report published by Kevin Yen from FXDD. For the most part, Kevin’s analysis focuses on the G7 currencies and its correlation to other risk assets like equities, bonds, commodities, and other currency pairs. His analysis is essentially fundamental while using key technical price zones for support/resistance levels.

FXDD has been contributing on for 3 years now, with Greg Michalowski’s webinars, and we are happy to be able to publish more of their content now.

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Market Chartist, new contributor on

Market Chartist is a new contributor on, through the daily report called “Market Chartist View“.

The report published on our website is written by Steve Miley, the trader and analyst behind MarketChartist.

Steve MileySteve Miley, the Market Chartist brings 22 years of financial market experience with him. He spent 2009-2012 as a Director of the FX Technical Analysis Research Strategy team at Credit Suisse and was previously at Merrill Lynch for 15 years, 10 years as a technical analyst, 5 years as in Fixed Income sales.

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