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Monex Capital

Asian Markets Review and Week Ahead

Weekly Report, published every Monday

Author: Patrick Latchford, Managing Director of Monex Capital
Patrick Latchford has worked in the retail derivatives industry for the last 15 years, including holding senior management roles at both CMC Markets and Finspreads. His extensive knowledge spans all asset classes, with a specific focus on macroeconomic indicators and inter-market analysis.

Monex Capital Company: Monex Capital Markets Limited is a UK domiciled and Financial Conduct Authority regulated business that was established in 2013. We are providers of contracts for difference and foreign exchange trading, offering innovative trading platform solutions that appeal to traders of all levels, from beginners to experts.

NorthGen Capital

Weekly Forex Analysis and Trading Opportunities

Author: Arun Lakhiani, Partner / Head of Research and Analytics NorthGen Capital
The brains behind NorthGen Capital technical side, an MBA in Finance & an Ex-Goldman Sachs Equity Specialist – Arun Lakhiani has vast experience in the Equity, Commodity & Currency markets. Himself being a successful trader, he imparts his knowledge by training others in technical analysis, fundamental analysis & trading psychology. He manages the team of analysts & traders. “Being a successful trader has a lot to do with trading psychology, where most people go wrong – which is why 95% of all traders fail”.

Northgen Capital Company: NorthGen Capital Managed Trading Accounts addresses all the challenges which investors face today. The NorthGen Managed Account provides investors with a low to medium risk investment, competitive charges, aims to make absolute, positive returns irrespective of market conditions, offers immediate access to capital, and safety of their investment. We also provide education to help retail investors to become more aware of the opportunities available in the forex markets.

Elliott Wave Gold

Gold Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

Published every weekday.

Author: Lara Iriarte, Director of Elliott Wave Gold
Lara Iriarte has been publicly performing Elliott wave analysis since 2008. She has a science degree which taught her to think logically and be evidence focussed. She aims to provide high quality accurate Elliott wave analysis to her members each day.

Elliott Wave Gold Company: Elliott Wave Gold provides daily analysis of gold, weekly analysis of silver and US oil using a pure Elliott wave approach.

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