Webinars: One Day, One Topic: Money Management

One day one topic - Money Management

Next Tuesday is “One Day, One Topic” at FXstreet.com. We’ve invited 5 guest speakers to talk to you about MONEY MANAGEMENT techniques.

Controlling your capital and risk is vital in trading. There are various ways and strategies to manage your position sizing, your stop losses, calculate your margins, etc.

Here is the schedule and the topics for that special Live Webinars event. Remember that all webinars are totally free of charge!

  • Dan Blystone: How to Handle your Capital – 12 GMT / 7 am EST| Register now

In this webinar Dan Blystone will cover the following topics relating to money management and position sizing in trading:

– The Kelly Criterion
– Ralph Vince’s Optimal-F Method
– Martingale and Anti-Martingale Systems
– The 2% Rule and 6% Rule
– Recovering Lost Equity
– Stop Loss Strategies
– Position Sizing in the Turtle Trading System

  • Steve Ruffley: Setting goals and risk reward ratios – 14 GMT / 9 am EST| Register now

The key to money management is understanding what you are trying to achieve against what you are willing to risk. I will show you how to manage your risk reward ratios and how to take a step back and see how your overall goals can be broken down in to more risk defined manageable steps. Money management is the preservation of capital which is key to your long term trading success

  • Dirk Du Toît: Why your money management sucks and what to do about it! – 15 GMT / 10 am EST | Register now

Dirk Du Toît will cover the following:
*  The absolute basics of risk / money management
*  What went wrong with the good old stop further losses principle?
*  Money management under conditions of high uncertainty
*  The solution lies in an unexpected place – outside the box!

  • Boris Schlossberg: How to Think About Risk as a Day Trader – 16 GMT / 11 am EST | Register now

Traditional risk control techniques do not work well in a day trading environment when markets tend to be either choppy or wildly trending. Learn why the standard 2:1 ratios tend to fail and why greed is the greatest enemy of the day trader. See what approaches work best on shorter term time frames and learn how to avoid the common “myths” of daytrading the forex market. Above all else, proper money management of day trading capital requires realistic expectations of return. Join BK Forex co-founder Boris Schlossberg as he takes you through his daily trading plan and shares with you the insights learned in more than two decades of trading speculative markets.

  • Dale Pinkert: Position Sizing for Market Noise – 18 GMT | Register now

Most traders overleverage themselves, look for perfect timing end up being right the market wrong the trade. In this webinar presented by veteran trader Dale Pinkert – and presenter of our Live Analysis Room – you will learn to have realistic expectations regardless of your account size.

* If it’s the first time you attend a webinar on FXstreet.com, please read our instructions before.


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