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Bradley GilbertBradley Gilbert, CTA, has been contributing on our website since July of this year, with his Technical View daily report. Next Monday, he will present his first live webinar on!

Preparing for Central bank Announcements

Monday November 25th, 15:00 GMT / 10 am EST

Trading central bank announcements doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Sure there are two to three variables to consider, but you’ve fully prepared the potential outcomes and weighed that up against the general market sentiment, these events can be some of the best trading opportunities.

The devil is in the detail. Getting prepared for the announcement is critical and remember not every central bank delivers the rate decisions and statements in the same way. So getting up to speed with who, how and when they deliver there announcements is critical to successfully trading these opportunities.

Brad Gilbert founded Traders4Traders in 2009. He graduated from Sydney University with a Degree in Economics and after starting as a Forex trainee trader he worked his way up through the ranks to be the Chief Dealer of some of the biggest Forex teams in the world. [More about Brad]

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