Filter your favorite content – a new feature for Premium subscribers

Dear traders,

We are proud to announce that a new feature has been added for Premium subscribers – filtering of your favorite content. On the top-left side of the screen, you will now find a Filter button with an equalizer icon:

Clicking this button will open up a small control panel that enables you to focus on selected content. 

If you would like to see only trades and exclude posts, toggle the Show Only Trades button:

The next part allows filtering by the main Markets: Forex Cryptos, Stocks and Commodities. 

Further down, you may select specific categories: Education, Analysis, Warnings, Review & Stats and Trades. 

If you want to be even pickier, you can filter by specific Topics. These are all multiple-choice options, allowing a vast array of combinations. 

By clicking the Apply button, you will immediately see the relevant content types in the Latest feed. 

The Reset to default button removes all filters and shows all content types in the feed. 

Once filters have been applied, the Filter button will include an orange dot to show that. 

Note that we save your preferences – you will still see your favorite content types when logging in from the same device.

We hope you benefit from this feature, and we’re looking forward to feedback from you.


FXStreet Premium Team. 

Taking FXStreet content to the next level

When financial asset correlations change, a considerable move is coming to markets – that piece of knowledge is an example of what we teach our premium subscribers. Similar to markets, we at FXStreet are also on the move. Constantly. 

We have been creating content for traders since 2000, gaining expertise since then – but knowledge is never enough, and we have been refining our content to make it actionable, need-to-know, and to-the-point. Quality and all this takes time, effort, and the ability to adapt to the growing requirements of our readers. 

Back in January 2020, we launched the first version of our premium offering, and now we are taking it – and the trading skills of our subscribers – to the next level.

Premium users will receive access to our top analysts and will be able to read all their in-depth insights. The free version is now limited to five articles instead of ten up to now. In the changing media landscape, this will allow our experts to further upgrade their analyses and subscribers’ actionable trading ideas. 

Our Trading Studio, which is included in the subscription, consists of webinars from selected financial educators, trading signals and quick market insights from our analysts. Additional exclusive features are in the pipeline, built thanks to feedback from traders – and for traders. 

As always, any feedback is more than welcome.

FXStreet launches Real Time Trading Signals

FXStreet Signals use strategies based on parameters such as Price, Time and Economic events to help users trade with confidence. presents its New FXStreet Signals product with the main purpose of guiding the users through the trading market, using the right information delivered at the right time, and it all based on more than 20 trading strategies. FXStreet Signals is aligned to the company values of education in trading Forex. “We want to keep on empowering our users to be more independent and informed when trading Forex. Our signals will help them decide when to enter and when to exit a position in a specific market.” Setxi Fernández, CEO at FXStreet, commented.

According to the company, that this 2020 celebrates its 20th anniversary since its launch, all the signals are generated automatically and managed discretionally by the FXStreet team themselves, according to proprietary strategies based on parameters such as Price Level, Time, Economic events and also Risk, Macro and Cyclical analysis.

Among some of the features users will enjoy with this new product, FXStreet Signals offers access to explanatory live webinars, real-time notifications when signals are triggered and exclusive membership to the company’s Telegram group, where users get direct mentorship by FXStreet analysts and get room to discuss and interact.

To know more about FXStreet Signals visit

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 40% off – Premium Webinars

We have prepared a very nice offer that you will not want to miss during the usual Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotional days:

If you buy a 3-month or a 12-month Premium Webinar subscription you will get a 40% discount!

Premium Webinars FXStreet


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And the Forex Person of the Year 2017 is… Pedro da Costa!

Our new edition of the Forex Person of the Year has already its winner. This year, Pedro da Costa, Senior Correspondent at the Business Insider, is the person chosen at FXStreet.

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Meet Mario, FXStreet’s News Chief Editor

Today we are delighted to interview one of our international team members who make possible to cover the markets 24/7: Mário Blaščák, FXStreet’s News Chief Editor. On this interview, we get to know a bit more of Mario’s life as a journalist but also his true passion for music. As Blaščák would say… “welcome to the dark side of heavy metal!”.

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Barcelona Magic Line: A walk to remember

On February 25th, five of our team members joined the Magic Line, a 40km fundraising walk that took place in Barcelona.

It was organized by the Children’s Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, one of the most important medical hospitals dedicated to childhood and adolescence.

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FXStreet, nominated at the Asian Traders Awards 2018

We’re thrilled to announce that FXStreet has been nominated at the Traders Awards under the category of Best Media for Traders with four nominations!

FinExpo will reward the best Forex company in every region where the Traders Fair will take place during 2018: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

The winner of each nomination will be chosen by traders through an open voting. And this is where we need your help!

Vote for FXStreet here:

Best Media in Thailand

Best Media in Philippines

Best Media in Malaysia 

Best Media in Indonesia 

Thank you for your support and good trading!