And the Forex Person of the Year 2017 is… Pedro da Costa!

Our new edition of the Forex Person of the Year has already its winner. This year, Pedro da Costa, Senior Correspondent at the Business Insider, is the person chosen at FXStreet.

Da Costa has been writing and reporting as a journalist for the past 15 years on economics, central banking (especially the Fed) and also about the White House matters.

Our company is proud to reward him because of his analytical vision on finance and the USD currency, taking into consideration last year’s understanding of the dollar, considering that the Fed was the first Central Bank to change its monetary policy, and in consequence, the dollar wasn’t so appealing to investors. On top of that, Da Costa provides all the clues about why the Central Banks are no longer the main focus and how politics have become the main center of the economy.

His reaction when we told him that he won the Forex Person of the Year 2017 was: “I am honored by the FXStreet award. It’s hard to pay attention to Fed policy will all the political noise, but it remains a pivotal issue and it’s rewarding to see our coverage receive outside recognition.”

Check the short video he sent us about the award:

You can follow all his analysis of financial news and markets on his Twitter account:

FXStreet’s Forex Person of the Year is a title that pays tribute to a person or a team of people behind a product or service that positively contributed to make the Forex world better, more respected and more transparent during the previous year. The focus is innovation, transparency and quality. The award exists since 2011.

2016: Richard Olsen

2015: Martin Armstrong

2014: Adam Button from ForexLive 

2013: Laith Marmarchi and Nicole Elliott from ForexTradingTV

2012: Andrey Pavlov and Ilya Holeu from Spotware Systems

2011: Michael Greenberg from ForexMagnates


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