Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

The criteria that are followed by our Content Team to accept a new contributor on FXStreet are:



FXStreet has strong quality and style content requirements. We are committed to provide high-quality financial information to our users and we are convinced that our strictness made the FXStreet brand so respected nowadays, and so your content will be.


  • Language Skills: Perfect command of the language, style, grammar and structure
  • Subject: Clear and correct analysis/research, no superficial or imprecise treatment
  • Visuals: Including pictures/charts to illustrate the analysis is positively valued – in webinars, it is compulsory to include visuals to support your speech
  • Content: Original, interesting, creative, data mining


Such practices will not be accepted:

  • Defaming content against other authors or theories to gain credibility
  • Misleading language, promise of benefit, easy money
  • Copyright disrespectful, avoiding to quote original sources

See our Ethical Code to know more about this point.


We expect the contributor to be regular, responsive and stick to his commitment. Your regularity will also be appreciated by the audience: you will gain loyal followers.


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