FXStreet launches Real Time Trading Signals

FXStreet Signals use strategies based on parameters such as Price, Time and Economic events to help users trade with confidence.

FXStreet.com presents its New FXStreet Signals product with the main purpose of guiding the users through the trading market, using the right information delivered at the right time, and it all based on more than 20 trading strategies. FXStreet Signals is aligned to the company values of education in trading Forex. “We want to keep on empowering our users to be more independent and informed when trading Forex. Our signals will help them decide when to enter and when to exit a position in a specific market.” Setxi Fernández, CEO at FXStreet, commented.

According to the company, that this 2020 celebrates its 20th anniversary since its launch, all the signals are generated automatically and managed discretionally by the FXStreet team themselves, according to proprietary strategies based on parameters such as Price Level, Time, Economic events and also Risk, Macro and Cyclical analysis.

Among some of the features users will enjoy with this new product, FXStreet Signals offers access to explanatory live webinars, real-time notifications when signals are triggered and exclusive membership to the company’s Telegram group, where users get direct mentorship by FXStreet analysts and get room to discuss and interact.

To know more about FXStreet Signals visit www.fxstreet.com/signals

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