Taking FXStreet content to the next level

When financial asset correlations change, a considerable move is coming to markets – that piece of knowledge is an example of what we teach our premium subscribers. Similar to markets, we at FXStreet are also on the move. Constantly. 

We have been creating content for traders since 2000, gaining expertise since then – but knowledge is never enough, and we have been refining our content to make it actionable, need-to-know, and to-the-point. Quality and all this takes time, effort, and the ability to adapt to the growing requirements of our readers. 

Back in January 2020, we launched the first version of our premium offering, and now we are taking it – and the trading skills of our subscribers – to the next level.

Premium users will receive access to our top analysts and will be able to read all their in-depth insights. The free version is now limited to five articles instead of ten up to now. In the changing media landscape, this will allow our experts to further upgrade their analyses and subscribers’ actionable trading ideas. 

Our Trading Studio, which is included in the subscription, consists of webinars from selected financial educators, trading signals and quick market insights from our analysts. Additional exclusive features are in the pipeline, built thanks to feedback from traders – and for traders. 

As always, any feedback is more than welcome.

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