Happy New Year… What are your resolutions?

2013 is almost finished already… in a few days, we’ll enter in a new year: time for a new start, new challenges, new needs, new dreams. We’ve asked some of our contributors to share with all of us their New Year Resolutions, in terms of their trading career, but not only!

Ed Ponsi, Carol Harmer, Valeria Bednarik, Joseph Trevisiani, Kathleen Brooks, Navin Prithyani, Ilian Yotov, Dr. S. Sivaraman, David Pegler, Bradley Gilbert, Tarik Chebib and David Cooney answer the call. Their Resolutions go from “Stay disciplined” to “Figuring out a remedy for the daily 5 AM wake-up call courtesy of my four-year-old daughter” going through “Understand the drivers of the US economy better” or “Stop Being Reflexively Contrarian”.

Maybe you will discover you have similar goals or maybe they will give you inspiration. Aren’t you curious?

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FXstreet.com takes this opportunity to wish you all the best for the new year: may 2014 brings you what you desire!

Season Greetings 2013

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  1. I have been struggling to make it in forex trading for several years, but still can not categorise myself among the successful ones. I have determined to get the right knowledge this year to make it successful.

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