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As we did last year, we are going to make public the most viewed content and their authors on our website during the year 2013. There are 7 different categories of content and today we’ll reveal two of them: Analysis reports and Webinars… do you usually read these reports or have seen these webinars? Never to late to catch them!


  1. Currency Majors Technical Perspective by Valeria Bednarik (FXStreet) – Valeria Bednarik gives us her intraday perspective for the majors, including support, resistance and other entry points.
  2. The Best Pair To Trade Now by Valeria Bednarik (FXStreet) – Valeria Bednarik scans the market twice per day to talk about the currency pair she considers to be the best to trade in the short time, based on a technical analysis point of view.
  3. Intraday Technical Video Alerts by ForexTrading.TV team – The ForexTrading.TV team provides traders with specific pair analysis videos several times a day, an invaluable tool for intraday traders.
  4. Forex Technical analysis and forecasts by Igor Sayadov (RoboForex) – Intraday analysis for the most traded pairs and commodities, from Roboforex particular perspective.
  5. Technical Update by Danske Research Team – Trading ideas for major crosses based on trend and technical analysis.
  6. Forex Wave analysis and forecast by Igor Sayadov (RoboForex) – Wave analysis for commodities and indexes, including the forecast of possible upcoming movements.
  7. Currency Majors Technical Analysis by Arnaud Jeulin (Mataf) – Snapshot of the twelve most traded pairs, their support and resistance levels and their 15 minutes charts attached.
  8. Daily Fx Market Roundup by Kathy Lien (BK Asset Management) – In this daily report, Kathy Lien analyzes what is affecting the Forex Market from a fundamental perspective.
  9. FX Trade Signals by Navin Prithyani (Forex Watchers) – Navin Prithyani’s brief analysis for the EURUSD and his forecast for that day, including the fundamental event you must be aware of.
  10. Technical Trading Strategies by Bijoy Kar and Luc Luyet, CMT, CIIA (MIG Bank) – Short and long term technical outlook for majors, including trading ideas and key levels to follow.


  1. How To Identify Fresh Supply and Demand Levels in The Forex Market by Sam Seiden (Online Trading Academy) – In this webinar, Sam Seiden goes through his process to identify the most likely turning points and market moves in the Forex markets.
  2. Trade Like A Bank by Sam Seiden (Online Trading Academy) – Most retail active traders struggle to achieve profits. Banks and institutions are very profitable. During this session, Sam shows you exactly why this is and how you can learn to buy and sell where Banks and Institutions do.
  3. Proper Entry and Stop Placement in Short Term Forex Trading by Sam Seiden (Online Trading Academy) – Sam shares and demonstrates how to properly enter the market and proper stop placement, accounting for FX dealer manipulation. The key in successful Forex trading is to think like an FX Dealer. Sam started his career on the institutional side of Forex trading and will share his insight with you during this session.
  4. Forex Trading For Short Term Income by Sam Seiden (Online Trading Academy) – Sam explains how to properly short term trade the Forex markets for income. He will share how he finds turning points in advance that allow for very low risk, high reward, and high probability entry points into positions.
  5. Supply/Demand Basics by Sam Seiden (Online Trading Academy) – The key to producing trading income in the FX markets is having a strategy that anticipates market turns and market moves with a very high degree of accuracy. To do this, you must be able to identify where banks and institutions are buying and selling in the Forex market by looking at a price chart. This means training your eye to identify institution and bank demand and supply by looking at a price chart. During this session, Sam begins to do this by covering core market timing strategy rules that offer you low risk, high reward, and high probability trading opportunities.
  6. SPECIAL EVENT: Trade Non-Farm Payrolls LIVE – 81st Edition by Wayne McDonell (FxBootcamp) – Wayne McDonell is covering the US Non-Farm Payrolls data in a 3-hour webinar since May 2006, where he preprares the crowd with his settings, teaches how to conservatively trade during news events and determines etry and exits point clearly defined in advance. Then when the data is out, he covers all the movements in different pairs. The 81st edition was held in February 2013 and was the most followed NFP webinar of 2013.
  7. Intraday Trading Tactics for The Forex Trader by Brandon Wendell (Online Trading Academy) – As a trader and trading instructor, Brandon Wendell has been fortunate to meet many of the lead forex traders for international banks. He has incorporated many of the techniques that they are using for consistent profits into his own trading plan. In this webinar Brandon shares some of his own intraday trading strategies involving moving averages and multiple time frame analysis.
  8. Learn Elliott Wave And Spot Trading Opportunities on Real Time Charts by Gregor Horvat – In the first part of his webinar, Aleksandar Koprivica goes through: Elliott Wave Principle; History Behind Elliott Wave Theory; Elliott Wave Patterns; Sub-Wave Structures on Each Pattern. The second part is presented by Gregor Horvat: Live Market Analysis; Elliott Wave Pattern; Recognition on real time charts; Spotting Trading Opportunities Based on Elliott Wave.
  9. Determining the Trading Trend by Brandon Wendell (Online Trading Academy) – Brandon discusses simple techniques that he uses in order to determine the dominant trend direction for any timeframe that you may be trading. Trading in the direction of the trend is usually the most profitable style of trading for the Forex trader.
  10. A Deeper Understanding of Candlesticks by Navin Prithyani (Forex Watchers)- Candlestick formations are one of the most widely used charting methods in the modern trading world. They paint the picture of the trading world before our very eyes, but what story do they have to tell us? Navin Prithyani forex expert and analyst broadens our understanding of candlesticks. He takes us beyond the basics and into the deeper understanding of what the market Buyers and Sellers are REALLY thinking and how their struggle is shaped in such a simple, yet complex form, the Japanese Candlestick.


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