New report by FXDD: Market Update

Market Update” is a new report published by Kevin Yen from FXDD. For the most part, Kevin’s analysis focuses on the G7 currencies and its correlation to other risk assets like equities, bonds, commodities, and other currency pairs. His analysis is essentially fundamental while using key technical price zones for support/resistance levels.

FXDD has been contributing on for 3 years now, with Greg Michalowski’s webinars, and we are happy to be able to publish more of their content now.

Kevin Yen - FXDDKevin Yen is a market strategist with nearly a decade of experience in the FX market. Mr. Yen has worked on the trading desk & market research team for three leading brokerages, where he developed a deep understanding of market sentiment. He focuses heavily on fundamental correlations between risk asset classes and key technical breakout levels. Mr. Yen frequently presents at domestic and international Forex events.

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