Forex Analysis: New Team reports on EURUSD and Macro Economy

Pablo Piovano and George Pavlopoulos, Editors, have started to produce their own Forex Analysis report on our website:

The EURUSD Aperitif

by Pablo Piovano
Pablo Piovano

In this weekly column published on Sunday evenings or Monday early mornings (European times). It exclusively covers the EURUSD pair and analyses the previous week’s events in the Foreign Exchange markets. The main purpose is to give hints about what investors can expect in the coming week, mixing both technical and macro analysis.

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Pablo Piovano, Economist and Lead European Editor, joined in 2011 having worked in and managed Asset Allocation and Investment Research teams for a number of South American Financial Institutions.

Global Macro Insights

by George Pavlopoulos

George PavlopoulosThe focus for this new series of reports will be macroeconomic developments, with a unique and specific focus on the European Debt Crisis. Based in Athens, George Pavlopoulos is able to offer us an insider’s insight into the trials and tribulations affecting the region.

Read George’s first article: “Global currency wars and the Eurozone: A Greek ‘glimpse’ on the crisis issue”

George Pavlopoulos MBA, Editor/Analyst, joined in 2013 after several years of working as a cross asset trader and dealer.

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