Watchlist: Gather your favorite reports in one place

You can follow your favorite authors and companies on and the reports they produce will appear on your Watchlist.

This Watchlist has been recently added in two places so you can access it more easily.

1. On the Analysis Homepage

We’ve included a box on the Analysis homepage where the content of the authors and companies you’re following are displayed.

If you don’t follow anyone, you’ll see a blue box. To see there your list of favorite reports, you have to be logged in… and of course, to follow at least one author or contributor!
Watchlist Home Analysis

2. As a page under the Analysis section

Beside this short list of the last 5 reports you follow, you’ll find the complete list of your favorite reports under a page that you can access fron the “Watchlist” menu point of the Analysis section.

Watchlist Menu Analysis


How to manage your “Follows”

To be able to use the Follow option, you need a user account. Log in or sign up for free to create one, it will only take you a couple of minutes!

Once you are logged in, you can manage the people you follow in your Account Settings, under the Following tab, as well as the Email Digests (you can decide how often you want to receive them or simply if you don’t want to receive any!)

Stay ahead… Follow!

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