Are you ready? It’s fundamental!

Be Ready relaunches its BE READY report: updated by different members of our team in the past, it is now in Valeria Bednarik’s hands. It gives a preview of the most important fundamental data from major economies, the probable currencies reactions to the news, along with the pairs most affected by the reading.

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George Soros’s Conference in Barcelona

George SorosYesterday evening, the famous Hungarian-American business magnate, investor and philanthropist George Soros was in Barcelona to announce the opening of an Open Society Foundation in the city. Being the home city of offices are located, we went to the CCCB, where it was hosted, to hear what Soros had to say about one of the hottest topic of the economic news nowadays. The conference was called “The Crisis and the Future of an Open Society in Europe” that Soros shared during a bit more than one hour and a half.

Gus Farrow, Analyst and Editor at, was there and wrote a review of the thoughts Soros shared with the audience.