Live Video: Thanks to Dale and New shows

We’d like to share some news about our Live Video channel with you today.

Thanks, Dale!

Dale PinkertIf you are a regular of our Live Video channel, you know that Dale Pinkert has been a pillar of this project that started in June 2013 with the “Live Analysis Room“. Since then, Dale has been every day on his show, for two hours, providing market analysis, helping our community of traders and interviewing tens of markets professionals. After many shows and months of constant commitment to FXStreet’s community, Dale Pinkert decided to put an end to his popular show. We wish him the best in his future endeavours: a skilled trader and veteran of the markets as Dale will surely find great projects to work on and keep helping others.

More shows

News and Economic Data coverages

Since last month, our Non-Farm Payrolls coverages are hosted by Wayne McDonell on Youtube. This 3-hour event has been offered by FXStreet for 10 years now … first as a chat session, then on different software as webinars and now as a show on Youtube live. Continue reading Live Video: Thanks to Dale and New shows

Interviews with the best contributors of FXStreet

Meet the Winners of FXStreet Best Awards 2016One month ago, we announced the winners of FXStreet’s Forex Best Awards 2016. We would like you to know them better, so we decided to organize a series of interviews with them, conducted by Dale Pinkert, in the Live Analysis Room.


And as always in our Live Video shows, you will be able to interact with them using our chat.


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Forex Forecast 2016 – The Panel

 Forex Forecast 2016 The Panel

FXStreet is organizing the ultimate live panel all Forex traders must attend to understand and anticipate what the new year might hold – and it is free!

We have gathered 4 of the most respected, famous and important names of the Forex retail industry and their views and opinions are very much sought after:

  • Valeria Bednarik, Chief Analyst of FXStreet – live from Buenos Aires
  • Adam Button, Currency Analyst and Managing Director of ForexLive – live from Montreal
  • Ashraf Laidi, Head Trader at Intermarket Strategy Ltd and Author – live from London
  • Boris Schlossberg, Managing Director at BK Asset Management – live from New York City

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Live Video: our TV channel schedule

Live Video_screenshot_Yohay Elam_07.10.15

We have been adding new programs to our recently launched Live Video channel and we wanted to share the schedule of our regular shows with you!


Live Video Schedule

Daily Shows

  • 8:00 – 9:00 GMT (4:00 –5:00 EST) Live Europe Market Open: Trade and Follow European opening bell with Yohay Elam and ForexCrunch

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CNBC’s Larry Kudlow live on FXStreet

Larry KudlowNext Friday, July 24th, Dale Pinkert will interview CNBC Senior contributor and anchorman Larry Kudlow in FXStreet’s Live Analysis Room. 

Lawrence Kudlow is an American conservative economist, television personality, and newspaper columnist. He was the host of CNBC‘s The Kudlow Report. As a syndicated columnist, his articles appear in numerous U.S. newspapers and web sites, including his own blog, Kudlow’s Money Politic$. Continue reading CNBC’s Larry Kudlow live on FXStreet

The Forecaster: Martin Armstrong at FXStreet – Part 1

Martin Armstrong. If you’ve never heard of this most than atypical person, it’s never too late.

Armstrong developed the Economic Confidence Model that has forecasted major political and economic events many years in advance. Armstrong proposes that economic waves occur every 8.6 years, or 3141 days, which is Pi X 1000. The accuracy and precision of his predictions, together with is in-depth understanding of currency and macroeconomics, are really impressive.
Martin Armstrong FXStreet office Barcelona

Our colleague here at FXStreet, Gonçalo Moreira, CMT and currency trader for many years, has been following Armstrong’s since 2009.

When Gonçalo learned that Martin would come to Barcelona for a Q&A after the screening of a documentary about his life (“The Forecaster“), we immediately tried to get in touch to meet Martin in person. Being his first trip ever to Barcelona, we simply could not miss him. Continue reading The Forecaster: Martin Armstrong at FXStreet – Part 1

Live Analysis Room: Happy 2 years!

LAR 2year Anniversary

Our Live Analysis Room is celebrating today its 2nd anniversary! 730 days and almost 450 interviews after its launch, our free service has grown and changed in its schedule and segments, but not in its core concept: build a strong community of traders and put them in daily contact with professionals of the markets, through the eyes, experience and support of Dale Pinkert, the anchor and soul of FXStreet’s Live Analysis Room.

To celebrate this anniversary, we’ve prepared a special line-up of interviews plus live coverages and special events that will take place during one week starting today: Continue reading Live Analysis Room: Happy 2 years!

#BeMyCoach: one-hour free trading coaching raffle

RaffleAs we announced last week, FXStreet has opened a new coaching service: 1-on-1 sessions to help traders to adapt and boost their skills and find support.

To celebrate the launch of this program, we’re organizing a raffle in our social media channels from Feb 27 to March 5th. The winner will receive a one-hour FREE session of coaching with Dale Pinkert (120$ value).

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A coach to boost your performance: Dale Pinkert

It’s pretty common for traders to feel alone. To sense that they should learn from their mistakes. That, if supported, they could multiply their skills, resources and results.

Solutions are multiple to fight these feelings and become a better trader: read books, go to traders meetings, join forums, watch webinars, etc (all of this, by the way, offered by FXStreet).

CoachBut what if you want something more personal?

There is a way: get a coach. Sportmen get one to keep their performance track up… why wouldn’t traders do the same? Continue reading A coach to boost your performance: Dale Pinkert

Mauricio Carrillo opens a Fundraiser for Dale Pinkert

GoFundMe-screenshotDaleMauricio Carrillo, our US Session Manager here at FXStreet, decided to start a fundraiser on Gofundme for his friend and collaborator Dale Pinkert, the presenter of the Live Analysis Room that they developed together.

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