Forex Forecast 2016 – The Panel

 Forex Forecast 2016 The Panel

FXStreet is organizing the ultimate live panel all Forex traders must attend to understand and anticipate what the new year might hold – and it is free!

We have gathered 4 of the most respected, famous and important names of the Forex retail industry and their views and opinions are very much sought after:

  • Valeria Bednarik, Chief Analyst of FXStreet – live from Buenos Aires
  • Adam Button, Currency Analyst and Managing Director of ForexLive – live from Montreal
  • Ashraf Laidi, Head Trader at Intermarket Strategy Ltd and Author – live from London
  • Boris Schlossberg, Managing Director at BK Asset Management – live from New York City

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Ivan Delgado, our Analyst and Editor in Indonesia, opens up

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIvan Delgado is the protagonist of the second post dedicated to our team of Analysts. The aim of this set of articles, written first-hand by their own protagonists, is to know more about how they became Forex experts, their day-to-day from different spots around the world, and specially about themselves. After Valeria Bednarik, we give the floor to Ivan. We hope you like them!

“As I imagine it must be the case for the vast majority of Forex practitioners, be it traders, strategists, analysts, editors, my first steps in this ever-evolving profession came somehow by accident, although as I look back, I feel truly blessed having bumped into such an intellectually challenging field, allowing me to breath FX day in and day out. Continue reading Ivan Delgado, our Analyst and Editor in Indonesia, opens up