CNBC’s Larry Kudlow live on FXStreet

Larry KudlowNext Friday, July 24th, Dale Pinkert will interview CNBC Senior contributor and anchorman Larry Kudlow in FXStreet’s Live Analysis Room. 

Lawrence Kudlow is an American conservative economist, television personality, and newspaper columnist. He was the host of CNBC‘s The Kudlow Report. As a syndicated columnist, his articles appear in numerous U.S. newspapers and web sites, including his own blog, Kudlow’s Money Politic$.

He is the author of the book “American Abundance: The New Economic and Moral Prosperity”, published in 1997

During President Reagan’s first term, Kudlow was the associate director for economics and planning, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President, where he was engaged in the development of the administration’s economic and budget policy. He was formerly chief economist and senior managing director of Bear Stearns & Company. Kudlow started his professional career at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York where he worked in open market operations and bank supervision.

Dale Pinkert will ask Kudlow about his career and discuss with him the current state of the US economy and worlwide financial markets. Larry Kudlow has alsmot 84 thousands followers on Twitter @larry_kudlow

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