A coach to boost your performance: Dale Pinkert

It’s pretty common for traders to feel alone. To sense that they should learn from their mistakes. That, if supported, they could multiply their skills, resources and results.

Solutions are multiple to fight these feelings and become a better trader: read books, go to traders meetings, join forums, watch webinars, etc (all of this, by the way, offered by FXStreet).

CoachBut what if you want something more personal?

There is a way: get a coach. Sportmen get one to keep their performance track up… why wouldn’t traders do the same?

It’s about feeling supported and boosting abilities

Coaching is a useful and proven way of improving abilities and boosting performance. It’s a 1-on-1 relationship to get support to attain your goals and help to deal with challenges before they become major problems.

FXStreet is opening a new Coaching and Trading Program. The coach is Dale Pinkert, a veteran of the markets, who’s been through a lot of situations, a trader renowned for his wise views and particular understanding of the trader job.
If you don’t learn how to change your  mind, you won’t have any change left” is a sentence by W.D. Gann, the father of the market time factor, one of the pioneers of technical analysis. Dale likes to remind this sentence to fellow-traders as a motto to motivate them to always adopt a new vision of themselves. Because for Dale, it’s about “being the captain of your own ship”.

First month deal

So try out Dale as your trading coach. Your personal feelings AND account results might go through an unsettling experience.

There is an opening price offer on Dale’s Coaching: up to 20% discount during the first month of this new service.

Make sure to check it out!


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