The Forecaster: Martin Armstrong at FXStreet – Part 1

Martin Armstrong. If you’ve never heard of this most than atypical person, it’s never too late.

Armstrong developed the Economic Confidence Model that has forecasted major political and economic events many years in advance. Armstrong proposes that economic waves occur every 8.6 years, or 3141 days, which is Pi X 1000. The accuracy and precision of his predictions, together with is in-depth understanding of currency and macroeconomics, are really impressive.
Martin Armstrong FXStreet office Barcelona

Our colleague here at FXStreet, Gonçalo Moreira, CMT and currency trader for many years, has been following Armstrong’s since 2009.

When Gonçalo learned that Martin would come to Barcelona for a Q&A after the screening of a documentary about his life (“The Forecaster“), we immediately tried to get in touch to meet Martin in person. Being his first trip ever to Barcelona, we simply could not miss him.

Armstrong joined us here at our office in Barcelona, where he came last Thursday with Ashley Warren, CEO of Princeton Economics International. We have recorded a very interesting one hour conversation that we will be sharing with you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can do two things to get introduced to Martin’s incredible model and mind:

  • Watch “The Forecaster”, the movie directed by Marcus Vetter, about Martin’s life and model. This is a limited VOD prior to the official VOD start in September, a PREMIERE for FXStreet users. The VOD includes a recorded Q&A with Marty and the director (45min).

Our staff saw it last week at the Barcelona screening and we all ended up fascinated. And the good news is: we’ve managed to get a COUPON CODE for FXStreet users to watch the movie online at a discounted price:

* Go to the movie streaming page

* Insert the coupon code: FXS4CAST14 – that will apply a $14 discount on the movie streaming price (the code is valid until July 31st)

* You have up to 1 week to watch the full movie streaming (meaning from the day of purchase the viewer can watch the film as often he wants for 7 days)

  • Join our Live Analysis Room next Monday (June 8th) at 14:15 GMT (10:15 am ET) for a live interview of Martin Armstrong and Marcus Vetter by Dale Pinkert. – You can register to receive an email reminder just before the interview.

Update on June 9th: The interview by Dale Pinkert was recorded. You can watch it here.

If you’re not convinced yet… whatch the movie trailer here below.

And stay tuned, we’ll inform you here in this blog when the 1-hour interview with Martin Armstrong by Gonçalo Moreira is ready!


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