Number 1 on Seeking Alpha’s Forex

We’re pretty proud to share with you that has been for several weeks in a row the #1 on Forex on Seeking Alpha.

It means that our Forex news are the most read articles under the Forex category of all articles providers in that market on Seeking Alpha. Not bad!

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Geo-targeted Brokers List: Only view Forex brokers you can trade with!

targetWe have improved our Brokers Listing service to make it as relevant as possible to the users. We want everyone to see the information that is useful to them.

To achieve this, for each location from where you connect to our website, we are only showing the Forex brokers that are able to operate there, both in our Homepage and in the Comparative Brokers Table. Little by little, we’ll be adapting the broker’s offices information to the one closest to the users.

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New types of trading news

In our constant effort to offer more and better quality news for Forex Traders, we are happy to announce the launch of three new types of trading news.

Session Recap

An article which summarizes each trading session, mainly from a fundamental point of view, but also highlighting important technical aspects.

Published daily at 06:30 GMT (Asian Session Recap), 15:00 GMT ( European Session Recap) and 21:00 GMT (US Session Recap).


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New section: Social Media

social mediaAs we explained in our first post in this blog, this “About us” site is a new house under construction, and we will continue building flats and floors!

Today we have included a page about all the social media channels where in English is available: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, RSS, Flickr, Google+ or the Forex Network… we are everywhere all the time!

Have a look and stay connected!

Webinars: Let’s talk about Trend Trading!

Ah, the trend in trading… a trendy topic!

The Trend is your friend… Breakout Trading Strategies… What to do when a trend ends?… Trade with or against the trend…

If, as a trader, you have never heard these expressions, you are whether a new born trader or you haven’t been reading much about trading!

So yes… a lot to talk about when referring to Trend Trading. So much that we decided to take one day off to discuss this topic in several webinars with experienced traders to see how they trade the trend… and you can maybe pick some good advice or strategies!

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Rates and Charts in 17 languages

Good news for all our multilingual readers! Our Forex rates and charts are now available in 17 languages!

Besides the English website, FXstreet exists in 16 other languages. Up to date, all the Rates and Charts were in English in all those websites… but this has changed! Every website now has the vast majority of its rates and charts (80% of them) in their own languague. Much more useful and logical! You can now use these tools in your mother tongue or your favorite language!

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Tension between Japan and China: first article by Gus Farrow

We wanted to share with you some special content written by our colleague Gus Farrow that was published recently on rock from the sun: Japan, China and the land of rising tension


Gus Farrow, Financial Journalist and Analyst, joined after four years working in Asset Management in London. He holds a bachelors degree in History, an MSc in Finance and Investment and a qualification in Computational Investment. After working from London for during a few months, he moved to Barcelona in October 2012 to work from our headquarters office.

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Forex Best Awards 2013: Voting is open!

Forex Awards 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are excited to announce the official opening of the popular vote for the Forex Best Awards 2013!

Two simple rules:
1 vote per person
– if there is a category you don’t feel you are able to vote for, you can just choose skip it.

Check the full list of nominees


Cast your vote here:

… and share this link with your friends!

Vote will be closed next Friday, February 15th, at 8 am GMT.
Thanks for your contribution!

Forex Best Awards 2013

Awards 2013 - Logo

We are very happy to inaugurate this brand new blog with a post about one of our most important events of the year: the Forex Best Awards.
For the third consecutive year, will highlight the very best analysis, educational content and contributors from the previous year.

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It was time to fly the nest

We thought it was time.

Time to leave the parents home and create our own place.

After many years living very comfortabely at Daddy’s crib (Francesc’s blog), we, the team, thought we should have our own room where we would express our own identity and communicate our own current topics.
So here it is: the Blog

Here we will keep you posted about what’s new on, what we’re working on and what you should not miss! This will also be a place for us, the team,  to keep in touch with you, our users and contributors.

And don’t worry about Francesc: he totally understood we wanted to fly the nest! He gave us his total agreement and wished us good luck. In fact we suspect he was starting to lose patience with this “kid-that-will-never-be-independent-and-stay-at-home-forever”!

A new house

This new nest is hosted under a bigger house: the renovated “About us” of It still has few floors and flats. But little by little, it will be growing to become a nice, lively and warm place where the company behind will show its face.

On this new site, you will find varied information about us: our team, how you can become a partner, where to find us on social media or on mobile technology. There will also be a Press Room  and a section dedicated to help the users navigate and use the millions tools and features we offer to the FX trader. And many more things! The house is still under construction. We started with the nest, our blog, and we want to…

Welcome you to Team’s new nest!