Geo-targeted Brokers List: Only view Forex brokers you can trade with!

targetWe have improved our Brokers Listing service to make it as relevant as possible to the users. We want everyone to see the information that is useful to them.

To achieve this, for each location from where you connect to our website, we are only showing the Forex brokers that are able to operate there, both in our Homepage and in the Comparative Brokers Table. Little by little, we’ll be adapting the broker’s offices information to the one closest to the users.

Let’s take an example. If you’re located in Barcelona, Spain, on the Homepage of, you will see these Forex brokers…. if you are located in the USA or in India, you are seeing others, right? The same happens in the Comparative Brokers Table.

brokers list homepage

The Brokers Listing Service works as a very important tool for traders looking for a reliable Forex broker as it contains all the information to contact and compare regulated dealers to find the ones that are the most adapted to their needs. For Brokers this is the most complete package to have presence throughout the whole website.

We are very strict on the requirements for Forex brokers to appear on this list: the brokers have to be authorized by what considers the strictest regulatory authorities: FSA (UK), NFA (USA), FSA (JP), FINMA (Switzerland), ASIC (Australia), DFSA (Denmark), AMF (France) or BAFIN (Germany). This criteria has been established to protect the traders’ interests.

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    1. Dear Jerome,
      ForexTime Ltd is not on our Brokers list but it is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

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