New types of trading news

In our constant effort to offer more and better quality news for Forex Traders, we are happy to announce the launch of three new types of trading news.

Session Recap

An article which summarizes each trading session, mainly from a fundamental point of view, but also highlighting important technical aspects.

Published daily at 06:30 GMT (Asian Session Recap), 15:00 GMT ( European Session Recap) and 21:00 GMT (US Session Recap).


Commodities Briefing

Starting today, we will publish Commodities Briefing news twice a day (09:00 & 14:30 GMT) that will review metals and oil. Until now, these markets were covered separately but we have merged them into one piece, to help readers to underline intermarket correlations.

Where? In our LATEST FOREX NEWS FEED filtered by “Stocks, Oil & Metals

Fundamental Wrap Up

Our Forex Flash articles are nothing new: they are based on the many Banks reports that we receive everyday. From now on, our editors will also publish two summary reports (10:00 & 15:00 GMT) which will offer an easily digestible overview of what analysts are thinking.

Where? In our LATEST FOREX NEWS FEED filtered by “Forex Flash

How to filter news?

Just go to our News section, then Latest Forex News and use the filter at the right of the page
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