Webinars: Let’s talk about Trend Trading!

Ah, the trend in trading… a trendy topic!

The Trend is your friend… Breakout Trading Strategies… What to do when a trend ends?… Trade with or against the trend…

If, as a trader, you have never heard these expressions, you are whether a new born trader or you haven’t been reading much about trading!

So yes… a lot to talk about when referring to Trend Trading. So much that we decided to take one day off to discuss this topic in several webinars with experienced traders to see how they trade the trend… and you can maybe pick some good advice or strategies!

one day one topic february

This is FXstreet.com’s One Day, One Topic event and this will be tomorrow, Wednesday February 13th:

Register for these webinars… and enjoy our One Day, One Topic event! It’s totally free!

2 thoughts on “Webinars: Let’s talk about Trend Trading!”

    1. Dear Peata,
      You will find webinar recordings on trend trading and trend markets on this page: http://www.fxstreet.com/search/tags/?id=trendfollowing&t=s
      About Trending Market conditions, you could watch these videos:
      “A powerful technique for capturing trending markets” by Steve Primo: http://www.fxstreet.com/webinars/sessions/session.aspx?id=68092052-3307-48cd-83d9-86142aab3530
      “Trading Range Bound and Trending Market Conditions” by Adam Rosen: http://www.fxstreet.com/webinars/sessions/session.aspx?id=4a584f27-b3d7-40d5-a70d-5cefd78ccacd

      I hope it helps!

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