Rates and Charts in 17 languages

Good news for all our multilingual readers! Our Forex rates and charts are now available in 17 languages!

Besides the English website, FXstreet exists in 16 other languages. Up to date, all the Rates and Charts were in English in all those websites… but this has changed! Every website now has the vast majority of its rates and charts (80% of them) in their own languague. Much more useful and logical! You can now use these tools in your mother tongue or your favorite language!

On top of this, our websites in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, French, German and Indonesian also integrate pieces of news on the Live Charts Window.

live chart news chinese

How to switch FXstreet.com to another language?

Easy! Just move your mouse to the right top of our website, where you can read “English” and you will see a panel that opens and propose you all the languages we have!

switch languages

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