Tension between Japan and China: first article by Gus Farrow

We wanted to share with you some special content written by our colleague Gus Farrow that was published recently on FXstreet.com:Third rock from the sun: Japan, China and the land of rising tension


Gus Farrow, Financial Journalist and Analyst, joined FXstreet.com after four years working in Asset Management in London. He holds a bachelors degree in History, an MSc in Finance and Investment and a qualification in Computational Investment. After working from London for FXstreet.com during a few months, he moved to Barcelona in October 2012 to work from our headquarters office.

In this in-depth article, Farrow examines the recent escalation of tension between Japan and China, taking a look at the history of the conflict, the underlying causes of the recent chapter, and what implications it may hold for the FX markets. “I find political influence on financial markets interesting and I think that it will continue to grow in the coming years”, said Farrow.

Take a small break, it’s almost tea time in London! Prepare yourself a good cup of tea and enjoy this detailed study

Part 1 時間過得就像流水 Time passes like water – Chinese Proverb

Part 2 逆側はその逆側を持ってい The reverse side also has a reverse side – Japanese Proverb

Part 3:  손바닥으로 하늘을 가리려한다 Don’t try to cover the whole sky with the palm of your hand – Korean proverb


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