Italian Elections 2013 – Special Report

Italian citizens are are returning to the polls this weekend. We published a special report on the topic.

A small reminder of what happened:

In November 2011, Silvio Berlusconi is forced to resign from the Presidency of the Council. A few days later, Monti and his technocratic government are appointed by Italian president Giorgio Napolitano. Roughly one year later, in December 2012, MPs in the People of Freedom boycott the confidence vote of Monti’s government and abstain during the 2012 budget vote in the Chamber of Deputites. This leads to the dissolution of the Italian parliament. In accordance to the Italian constitution, elections must be held within a 70-day period, which is this weekend.

We made an infographic of the main candidates to the elections together with the principal points of their economic programs. In a special report written, Katarzyna Komorowska reviews the challenges at stake in this election and what impact it might have on financial markets.

Italian Elections

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