Rob Booker’s Trading for a Living USA Road Trip

Rob BookerFrom April 1st 2013, Rob Booker will travel from California to New York, living from a $10,000 trading account, and talking to traders along the way about what it takes to trade for a living.

Rob will meet traders and interview them for the Traders Podcast. He will also be doing a video every weekday, abour where he is and what he does.

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Free Access Day: Enjoy Ed Ponsi’s webinars for free

ed ponsiEd Ponsi is the president of and the managing director of Barchetta Capital Managment. Mr. Ponsi has appeared on CNBC, CNN, the BBC, FOX, and numerous financial programs. He is an experienced professional trader who has advised hedge funds, institutional traders, and individuals of all skill levels and experience. He presents two webinars almost every day at, around the US market open time, for our PREMIUM members.

The good news is that tomorrow, March 26th, is Free Access Day at which means that… all our users can exceptionnaly attend his webinars for free!

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What’s going on with Japan and the Yen?

japanThrough a new series of articles, we have decided to have a look at the economic situation in Japan and to what’s going with the Yen. Persistent deflation, slow GDP growth and an overvalued currency have all contributed to the nations economic stagnation over the past couple of decades. A nation, which has made a truly significant impact on how the world has developed in recent centuries, is at a crossroads.

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And the Forex Person of the Year 2012 is…

After long conversations to choose a name among the finalists for  the Forex Person of the Year 2012 title, we finally got the name… well, we should say the names:

Forex Person of the Year 2012_mediumAndrey Pavlov and Ilya Holeu

Co-founders of London/Limassol-based company Spotware Systems

For their trading platform, cTrader.

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New Favicon for FaviconAfter 10 years using the same favicon, we did the dusting and created a new icon that is more in the line with our coporate identity. A favicon is the icon associated with a particular Web site or Web page.

The old favicon was red and black… we changed it to blue and orange (our corporate colors) with a transparent background.

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Forex Person of the Year 2012 – Finalists

Forex Person of the Year 2012For the second year, will nominate its “Forex Person of the Year”. The idea is to pay tribute to a person, a team of people or a project that has positively contributed to make the Forex world a better place in 2012. The market is huge and full of professionals who work every day to make the business easier and better… for the Forex trader. Our focus has been innovation, transparency and quality, and not necessarily going for the most famous names.

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Gonçalo’s webinar on Current Trading Positions

Today Gonçalo Moreira, our Content Advisor, did a webinar about the new “Current Trading Positions” table we already presented in this blog.

This webinar was very interactive and attendees made constructive questions. We’d like to thank them for their active participation, in particular Mike, Anna K, Pan and Boykie. Here is an excerpt of the recording.

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Economic Calendar: More Countries Economic Calendar is one of the most competitive Economic Calendars existing on the net. Available in 17 languages, with an extremely fast updating, related news, reports and charts, history graphs and tables, 41 countries and the European Union and about 1200 economic events releases, it is among the most famous tools offered by the leading Foreign Exchange market information website.

After an important upgrade in July 2012, we are constantly improving the tool. The last small changes we brought to the tool are related to COUNTRIES.

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Webinars: Brandon Wendell, new speaker

Brandon WendellWe’re happy to announce that Brandon Wendell will present his first webinar on this Thursday, March 14th. Brandon has a long experience as trading educator and has been publishing his articles on Stocks in the Lesson from the Pros on our website since 2009.

His first webinar is titled “Intraday Trading Tactics for The Forex Trader“. As a trader and trading instructor, Brandon has been fortunate to meet many of the lead forex traders for international banks. He has incorporated many of the techniques that they are using for consistent profits into his own trading plan. In this webinar Brandon will share some of his own intraday trading strategies involving moving averages and multiple time frame analysis.

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New section: Corporate Identity

corporate colorsThe Collins Dictionary defines Corporate Identity as “the way an organization is presented to or perceived by its members and the public“. And this perception starts with a company’s logo. It is how everyone identifies the company, recognizes it in any context. Design guidelines are essential for promoting quality and consistency across all communication that involves a brand’s name.

Goretti, from our Design Department, though we were missing a place where our logo was visually defined. So we created a new section in our “About” site where all our partners and audience, if needed, would find it to be downloaded, together with our corporate colors and fonts.