Catalan Television at

Today journalists from TV3, the public Catalan television channel, came to to interview our Analyst Gonçalo Moreira, CMT. The topic of the interview was, again, Bitcoins… which seems to be a very trendy topic and media definitly want to hear what we think about it (Gus Farrow was featured in an article in La Vanguardia 10 days ago).

The news report should be broadcast tomorrow or this weekend on TV3. Here are a few pictures of the shooting. We will post the television video when it’s available!

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World Premiere: Precise Trader’s Price Level System Fully Revealed

rajoo-c-monthly webinar

Rajoo C has been a full time trader for the last 15 years. During this time, he has been building and testing a trading system that he called “Precise Trader’s Price Level System“.

He has decided to unveal for the very first time his system’s trading strategies for day trading and swing trading on That will be a world premiere.

This special webinar will take place on Thursday at 13:00 GMT /09:00 am EDT  and will last two hours.

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George Soros’s Conference in Barcelona

George SorosYesterday evening, the famous Hungarian-American business magnate, investor and philanthropist George Soros was in Barcelona to announce the opening of an Open Society Foundation in the city. Being the home city of offices are located, we went to the CCCB, where it was hosted, to hear what Soros had to say about one of the hottest topic of the economic news nowadays. The conference was called “The Crisis and the Future of an Open Society in Europe” that Soros shared during a bit more than one hour and a half.

Gus Farrow, Analyst and Editor at, was there and wrote a review of the thoughts Soros shared with the audience.

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks Governors Meeting: An Infographic

G20-infographicNext week, on April 18 and 19th, the finance ministers and central banks governors of the “Group of 20” will meet in Washington DC.

Delegates will discuss traditional G20 agenda, such as global economy outlook, implementation of the G20 Framework agreement for strong, sustainable and balanced growth, government borrowing and public debt management.

So how do the G20´s economies shape up? What size are they? How have they GDP grew since the crisis exploded? What are the critics the G20 is receiving?

We have gathered economic data about the members: employment, trade, GDP, population, currencies… and designed an infographic for it! You’ll find quick snapshot about the G-20 countries: what their size is, how they developed, criticism on this group and more.

Have a look at it… and share it around you!

New face for our Forex Social Network

Today we’ve released a new header and logo for our Forex Social Network, also know as

The image has been totally changed, as you can see in the screenshot below. The idea is to create a stronger identity for the network, an identity that would more clearly differentiate it from

“Too many people are confused about our two English websites: .net and .com. We hope the visual change will help them to better know where they are and what content they can find on each site.” says Francesc Riverola, President & Founder of and Manager of “ is the information, education and trading tools website, while is a community of traders. Each site has his own mission and content. We have to make it clear for the user, and this new design should be a step towards that goal.”

Besides, the image next to the logo gives a sense of community, connection and interaction. This too should help the visitors understand where he is and what he can do there. new header twice in the media this week! has been featured in the media this week… twice!

First, in the April-June edition of the FX Trader Magazine, where Gus Farrow’s article “Third rock from the sun: Japan, China and the land of rising tension” was published . The article was originally published on our website.

FX Trader Magazine_Gus Farrow_April 2013

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Memory Game: Test your Pattern Recognition Skills

Everyone knows and has played at least once in their life the Memory Game, right? A series of pair cards are laid out face down on the table, and players take turns flipping pairs of cards over, until finding two cards that match. If they do not match, the cards are turned back over.

This game also exists online and we created one based on Japanese Candlesticks on our Facebook page! So you can play and kill time, but also train yourself and test your skills to recognize candlesticks patterns.

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Special on Yen: More articles

yen-japonAfter the first chapter published last week on the Economic History  of Japan, we are publishing this week the 3 more articles around the topic “What’s going on with Japan and the Yen?”. We are now studying BoJ policies, fiscal year consolidation and of course how the Yen is behaving… and is expected to behave in the mid and long term, from a fundamental and technical point of view:

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FX Studies: New CoT widgets

FX Studies is FXstreet’s customizable page with a wide selection of technical studies, fundamental data,  tools and content filters. It is made of more than 40 widgets that the user can add to his/her own dashboard. All are adjustable to the trader’s time horizons, currency pairs and trading style.

We’ve recently added 6 new widgets that are based on the CFTC Commitment of Traders report. This represents one of the most complete CoT study tools available for free on the internet.

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Rob Booker’s Trading for a Living USA Road Trip

Rob BookerFrom April 1st 2013, Rob Booker will travel from California to New York, living from a $10,000 trading account, and talking to traders along the way about what it takes to trade for a living.

Rob will meet traders and interview them for the Traders Podcast. He will also be doing a video every weekday, abour where he is and what he does.

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