Everything you need to know about Order Flow trading (or almost)

Save the date: next Wednesday, December 10th, will be the last edition of our One Day, One Topic event for 2014. That is already the 10th edition of an event which first took place in June 2012.

During one day, online on FXStreet, 5 professional traders will be with us to talk about ORDER FLOW. Order flow is the moment-to-moment aggregated buy and sell orders received by market makers. Traders can calculate the probable future flow of orders that will be generated so they can position themsevles to take advantage of the resulting price moves.

One Day One Topic December2014 Order flow

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G20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks Governors Meeting: An Infographic

G20-infographicNext week, on April 18 and 19th, the finance ministers and central banks governors of the “Group of 20” will meet in Washington DC.

Delegates will discuss traditional G20 agenda, such as global economy outlook, implementation of the G20 Framework agreement for strong, sustainable and balanced growth, government borrowing and public debt management.

So how do the G20´s economies shape up? What size are they? How have they GDP grew since the crisis exploded? What are the critics the G20 is receiving?

We have gathered economic data about the members: employment, trade, GDP, population, currencies… and designed an infographic for it! You’ll find quick snapshot about the G-20 countries: what their size is, how they developed, criticism on this group and more.

Have a look at it… and share it around you!