Everything you need to know about Order Flow trading (or almost)

Save the date: next Wednesday, December 10th, will be the last edition of our One Day, One Topic event for 2014. That is already the 10th edition of an event which first took place in June 2012.

During one day, online on FXStreet, 5 professional traders will be with us to talk about ORDER FLOW. Order flow is the moment-to-moment aggregated buy and sell orders received by market makers. Traders can calculate the probable future flow of orders that will be generated so they can position themsevles to take advantage of the resulting price moves.

One Day One Topic December2014 Order flow

Here are the speakers panel and schedule:

  • Navin Prithyani: “Understanding Order Flow in Simple Terms ” – 11 GMT / 6 am EST — Register now
  • Giuseppe Basile: “Order Flow and Algorithms Footprints in Modern Markets ” – 12 GMT / 7 am EST — Register now
  • Chris Lori: “Impact of Interbank FX Pricing on Volatility ” – 13 GMT / 8 am EST — Register now
  • Sam Seiden: “Trade What is Real, Not What You Feel ” – 14 GMT / 9 am EST — Register now
  • Ferran Font – NEW SPEAKER: “Scalping and HFT (High Frequency Trading) ” – 17 GMT / 12 pm EST — Register now


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