New Contributor: ForexTrading.TV, Nicole Elliott’s last project

We’re very happy to announce that Nicole Elliott, a veteran of the Forex market and contributor on for many years, is back on our website with her last project, ForexTrading.TV.

Together with Laith Marmarchi, they present the first Live Technical Analysis TV channel streaming charts and educating our viewers on technical events unfolding in the Forex markets in real-time. Around 15 and 20 videos per day will be posted on  You can find them under the Intraday Technical Video Alerts report page but also highlighted from the Technical subhome.

The team behind ForexTrading.TV has 45 years experience in the Forex markets and understands the challenges involved in being a successful trader. They watch 150 charts for you and provide institutional level news. Their trading tips and noise free rounded technical outlooks on the markets are a great way to learn about Technical Analysis.

About the team

elliott-marmarchiNicole Elliott is a highly qualified, trusted industry veteran Technical Analyst with 30 years experience of financial analysis. Key expertise exists within all areas of Forex, interest rate products, bullion, indices and commodities. Worked in the treasury dealing rooms of large UK, European and Japanese banks as a broker, trader and technical analyst. A regular media commentator with regular TV slots at Reuters, CNBC, Bloomberg, Dow Jones and Investors Chronicle. Nicole introduced Japanese Ichimoku Cloud Charting to a western audience and subsequently published books on the subject. Nicole has also presented at conferences, road shows and educational seminars.

Laith Marmarchi started in FX as a spot trader and market maker for Rosenthal Collins Group London FX profit centre. With 14 years experience in Foreign Exchange trading, Laith uses market sentiment analysis, trading psychology and short & long term technical analysis to identify intraday/daily trading opportunities. Since 2010, Laith has successfully managed a private FX fund delivering double digit returns annually. In 2012 he founded ForexTrading.TV with the sole purpose of helping new traders understand the challenges of trading currencies and providing a tool to teach technical analysis in a live environment and give a simple but rounded view of the markets.

7 thoughts on “New Contributor: ForexTrading.TV, Nicole Elliott’s last project”

  1. Can I access ForexTrading.TV thru, or will I need to independently sign up? I have 6 years trading stocks and options and @6 months experience in Forex – have found Jody Samuels (Silvers – pre Samuels, I believe,) to learn how to trade and Ashraf Laidi – to help re-build what I’ve lost (I’m not learning much there.) I need to be able to trade successfully on my own – and when I retire at the end of the year, I should have the time successful trading requires. Nice to meet you!
    Jim Clark, Texas

    1. Jim, you will be able to access ForexTrading.TV on, but it won’t be real time as it is on their website. We publish the videos around 20/30 minutes after they were broadcast, but no sign up is necessary on
      If you’re looking for other learning resources, I would recommend you to attend our webinars: we several per day, with a wide variety of traders and analysts, you might find there other interesting people to follow:

  2. I am a private trader and would like contact Ms. Nicole Elliot for professional updates.
    Many thanks in advance
    Kind regards
    Andy Liuton

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