World Premiere: Precise Trader’s Price Level System Fully Revealed

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Rajoo C has been a full time trader for the last 15 years. During this time, he has been building and testing a trading system that he called “Precise Trader’s Price Level System“.

He has decided to unveal for the very first time his system’s trading strategies for day trading and swing trading on That will be a world premiere.

This special webinar will take place on Thursday at 13:00 GMT /09:00 am EDT  and will last two hours.

Rajoo will cover:

  • Advantages of Precise Trader’s Trading System
  • Price Level Principle
  • Unlocking PT Daily Reports
  • Economic Calendar and Price Zone Alerts
  • High/Low Time, PT News
  • Strongest and Weakest Barometer/ Best Cross Barometer.
  • Dashboard – Ultimate Trading Tool
  • Precise Trader’s Trading Strategies
  • Live Trading
  • Questions and Answers

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One week later, our PREMIUM users will have the opportunity to attend another 1h30-webinar with Rajoo, where he will live trade his system in front of the audience. That will be on April 25th, at 13:00 GMT / 09:00 am EDT too. You can register now.

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Who is Rajoo?

Rajoo C, CEO of Precise Trader is a full time trader. After graduation, his passion for trading soon became apparent and that can be seen in the 18+ years of intensive research and full time trading experience. The early years of trading misfortunes had inspired Rajoo to accumulate wealth of knowledge by investing in finance related books with a personal library of about 1,000 books and still counting. He has formulated a unique trading technique called Price Level Principle (PLP) for successful short term trading. In the last 10 years, aggressive R&D was done to develop a perfect Trading System for Day Traders. Ultimately he understands the problems of Day Trading, as a trader, the difficulty of decision taken in Precise Entry, Exit, Stop Loss, Holding Period and Trend Duration.

Rajoo has been a regular speaker in since 2006, conducting webinars two to three times a month. He has also trained more than 100 trainees to become successful traders. With the company tagline in mind “Inspire – Educate – Speculate”, Rajoo inspires individuals with minimum knowledge of financial markets to become successful traders. Precise Trader conducts workshop to educate members on how to take full advantage of precise trading zones.

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