FXstreet.com twice in the media this week!

FXstreet.com has been featured in the media this week… twice!

First, in the April-June edition of the FX Trader Magazine, where Gus Farrow’s article “Third rock from the sun: Japan, China and the land of rising tension” was published . The article was originally published on our website.

FX Trader Magazine_Gus Farrow_April 2013

You can download the PDF version of the article in the FX Trader Magazine or read it in the magazine, page 12, in the Flip-page edition or iPad and iPhone version.

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La Vanguardia and the Bitcoins

La Vanguardia_07.03.13_headerSecond, Gus Farrow – him again!- was quoted in an article published yesterday, March 8th, in La Vanguardia, Catalonia’s leading daily newspaper, printed in Spanish and in Catalan. The newspaper has Spain’s fourth-highest circulation among general-interest newspapers, trailing only the three main Madrid dailies — El País, El Mundo and ABC.

The article is about Bitcoins, a new currency that is much commented lately in the media.

Here is the excerpt:

LaVanguardia_07.03.12_GusFarrowThe translation would be:
“Bitcoins don’t yet look like a competitor to major currencies because there are many questions unanswered”, explains Gus Farrow, Currency Analyst at FXstreet.com. He believes that  for those who have been involved in bitcoins for the duration, then opportunities are there, but for the public in general, it is still far. “That is not to say that Bitcoins do not not have a mainstream future. Very simply, if people trust in their value, then they have a future. However, the opportunities and risks need to be thoroughly defined and understood, which may take some time.”

You can download the pdf version of the article, which is also published on the digital version of the Catalan newspaper, but only for those who have a suscription for it for the moment. In one month, it will be available for everyone.


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