New face for our Forex Social Network

Today we’ve released a new header and logo for our Forex Social Network, also know as

The image has been totally changed, as you can see in the screenshot below. The idea is to create a stronger identity for the network, an identity that would more clearly differentiate it from

“Too many people are confused about our two English websites: .net and .com. We hope the visual change will help them to better know where they are and what content they can find on each site.” says Francesc Riverola, President & Founder of and Manager of “ is the information, education and trading tools website, while is a community of traders. Each site has his own mission and content. We have to make it clear for the user, and this new design should be a step towards that goal.”

Besides, the image next to the logo gives a sense of community, connection and interaction. This too should help the visitors understand where he is and what he can do there. new header

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