Most Viewed Webinars in February 2013

webinar video screenshotEvery day, hosts several webinars… up to 8 some days! Experienced Forex traders and analysts share with our users – forex traders of all levels – their trade ideas and strategies. Most of the time, they look at the live markets to explain what they see and what they trade. Trading, Interaction and Education are the key words of these online sessions.

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Currencies At a Glance: New pairs available

In an effort to offer information for a wider range of currency pairs, we recently added pairs related to four emerging markets on our Currencies At a Glance tool. These are:

  • USD/TRY (Turkish Lira)
  • USD/IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
  • USD/EGP (Egyptian Pound)
  • USD/VND (Vietnamese Dong)

These pairs have been added to all our websites (17 languages) and they all include technical studies.

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Current Trading Positions: Know how other traders are situated

Soooo many analysts, soooo many trading ideas, soooo many shared trading positions, soooo many reports to read. Feel overwhelmed? Hell, yeah!
Once again, in the line with the Follow and Watchlist features launched last December, wants to help you to sort out the data and better digest the huge amount of Forex information offered on our website every day. This time, showing you the CURRENT TRADING POSITIONS of our contributors.

Current Trading Positions

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Special Webinar with Currensee and Taylor Growth is organizing a special webinar together with Currensee and Taylor Growth, tomorrow Thursday at 15 GMT / 10 am EST!

Tom Dawson and Josh Colton

In this webinar Tom Dawson and Josh Colton from Taylor Growth will discuss how a high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Josh and Tom will discuss the risk/reward tradeoff, the importance of establishing your investment objectives and balancing your objectives with your appetite for risk.

Gift for attendees!

A special limited-time webinar promotion will be offered to all attendees of this webinar by Liquid Markets!

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Forex Reports in Russian, Turkish and Arab

Our expansion in foreign languages is continuing! Our websites in Russian, Arab and Turkish now also have their own reports, where our own editors and traders but also other Forex companies teams provide their analysis of the latest movements in the currency market.

globe– In our Russian website, we are starting with 14 different reports by 6 different contributors:  Alpari Russia, Forex-Market, Grand Capital, Instaforex, Forex club, Admiral Markets. Most of these reports are technical. Browse the reports

– In our Arab website, we are publishing at the moment 6 reports, written by these 4 companies: ForexOnline, Yallaforex, and Palfx. The covered topics are gold, majors mainly from a technical analysis point of view. Browse the reports

– In our Turkish website, 5 reports are published on a daily basis and they mainly address gold, USD/TRY and majors. They are provided by Forexpark, XTB Turkey, DestekFX, Phillip Capital, Browse the reports

Webinar: Jason Sen to share his trade set-ups

Since last December, Jason Sen has been contributing on by publishing a daily report called Spot Euro and Stock Markets Signals.

jason-senStarting tomorrow, Jason will also present webinars on our website. Tomorrow will be his first one: Trade set-ups of live markets – FX, Gold, Energy and Equity Indexes.

In this webinar, Jason Sen will look for trade set-ups using technical indicators, Fibonacci, trend lines and pattern recognition. He will try to find some interesting set ups in various markets on the day, though he tends to focus on usdjpy, eurusd, WTI nymex crude, Dax, Eurostoxx, S&P and Bund.

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New News Provider:

We have integrated as News Provider on is the latest collaboration of Jamie Coleman and Gerry Davies, the driving forces which built offers fast, fun forex news and analysis, compiled by analysts who have been immersed in financial markets  since the days when trades were done via telex and confirmations came in the morning mail. They’ve been there and done that, gaining invaluable experience and market contacts along the way. They share that experience to help you improve your trading performance.

Italian Elections 2013 – Special Report

Italian citizens are are returning to the polls this weekend. We published a special report on the topic.

A small reminder of what happened:

In November 2011, Silvio Berlusconi is forced to resign from the Presidency of the Council. A few days later, Monti and his technocratic government are appointed by Italian president Giorgio Napolitano. Roughly one year later, in December 2012, MPs in the People of Freedom boycott the confidence vote of Monti’s government and abstain during the 2012 budget vote in the Chamber of Deputites. This leads to the dissolution of the Italian parliament. In accordance to the Italian constitution, elections must be held within a 70-day period, which is this weekend.

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New Section: Get Mobile!

Did you know has a mobile version of its website?

We have added a “Mobile” section on our “About” site where we give you the links to navigate part of our content from your smart or mobile phone. mobile

The mobile version of gives you  access to three fundamental tools that keep you updated with the market movements:

  • Latest Forex News: 24/5 news about the main movements in the Foreign exchange market, up to 90 pieces of news per day.
  • Real-time Economic Calendar: Follow economic events such as Non-Farm Payrolls and employment figures, Central Banks Decisions, Interest Rates, CPI, GDP and many more) that affect the currencies you trade in the Forex Market. Watch a video tutorial of our calendar
  • Currency Pairs: This tool permits you to follow and analyze the main crosses’ fluctuations with charts and technical studies.

You’ll find the Mobile Section in the left menu of this site!

Start enjoying anytime from anywhere… Get mobile! /