Special Webinar with Currensee and Taylor Growth

FXstreet.com is organizing a special webinar together with Currensee and Taylor Growth, tomorrow Thursday at 15 GMT / 10 am EST!

Tom Dawson and Josh Colton

In this webinar Tom Dawson and Josh Colton from Taylor Growth will discuss how a high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Josh and Tom will discuss the risk/reward tradeoff, the importance of establishing your investment objectives and balancing your objectives with your appetite for risk.

Gift for attendees!

A special limited-time webinar promotion will be offered to all attendees of this webinar by Liquid Markets!

Details regarding this promotion will be announced at the webinar including eligibility, enrollment and terms & conditions. Don’t miss out!


If you never attended a webinar before on FXstreet.com, make sure to read our instructions.

Taylor Growth Company is a privately held financial services firm that was founded in April 2007 to develop long term savings and investment programs as alternatives to the stock market. We specialize in spot foreign exchange (Forex) currency trading. Investors have a choice of investment strategies at Taylor Growth Company. Taylor Growth Company is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA), and adheres to NFA guidelines and ethics. NFA # 0405331

The Currensee Trade Leaders™ Investment Program is the unique autotrading service that delivers a select network of emerging foreign exchange managers, called Trade Leaders. Once you open and fund your account, you simply choose the Trade Leaders you want to follow by adding them to your portfolio. By joining the program, you leverage sophisticated technology that replicates the trades of a Trade Leader in your account in real-time, regardless of where you are in the


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