Economic Calendar: More Countries Economic Calendar is one of the most competitive Economic Calendars existing on the net. Available in 17 languages, with an extremely fast updating, related news, reports and charts, history graphs and tables, 41 countries and the European Union and about 1200 economic events releases, it is among the most famous tools offered by the leading Foreign Exchange market information website.

After an important upgrade in July 2012, we are constantly improving the tool. The last small changes we brought to the tool are related to COUNTRIES.

We added three new countries whose main economic data are covered: Hong Kong, Singapore and Colombia. Hong Kong and Singapore in particular brought increasing traffic to our website and we wanted to offer more to traders from these countries.

economic calendar countries

You can find those countries by opening the Advanced filter:

economic calendar advanced filter’s economic calendar is available in 17 languages and we have customized it on the Turkish, Russian, Hungrian, Korean and Indonesian websites. The data that is displayed by default on these calendars includes, besides the same countries as in the English website (Australia, Canada, China, EMU, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK, United States), the country of the language of the website. Example: If you go to the Korean website, you’ll see all the mentioned countries/regions but also, Korean economic data.

economic calendar korean

Our Economic Calendar is available for free and can be used by everyone. The White-label Economic Calendar Pro can be purchased by any company that would like to integrate it on its platform or website.

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