Women in Forex – Carol Harmer: “It’s more a way of life than a job to me”

Carol HarmerLast time we talked with Carol Harmer, it was in June 2010. After 30 years in the banking sector, she was at the front of her company, “Charmer Charts” to train independent traders in technical analysis. She still trains traders and has joined a new trading room as a coach. Describing herself as a workaholic, Carol says she does not have much of a private life, but it is a choice and she is happy that way. She truly believes it’s possible to find a balance between work and personal life. She finds regrettable though that so few women trade. “Until they gain that confidence that they are more than capable of trading”, she says that will not change. » Read more…

Women in Forex – 5 years later

Five years ago, we published a series of interviews with women of the Forex trading world. We talked with 8 women with different backgrounds and profession and from different generations. But all passionately trading currencies. We wanted to know what they have been experiencing in the last 5 years: do they have the same job? Do they have the same opinions about men and women in Forex? How do they manage to balance private and professional lives?

Women in Forex

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FTA University Course: 3rd intake already

Screenshot FTA Course platform_Eddie Tofpik

Inside the FTA online course platform

Number 3 already! In late August, the 3rd intake of our Financial Analysis Trading course will take place.

The Financial Trading Analysis (FTA) course is a short Masters-level introduction to finance for individuals who have an interest in risk management and trading and want to learn about financial markets and how they operate. It has been developed by FXStreet for University of Essex Online.

In the last days, the course has been featured in several places: » Read more…

CNBC’s Larry Kudlow live on FXStreet

Larry KudlowNext Friday, July 24th, Dale Pinkert will interview CNBC Senior contributor and anchorman Larry Kudlow in FXStreet’s Live Analysis Room. 

Lawrence Kudlow is an American conservative economist, television personality, and newspaper columnist. He was the host of CNBC‘s The Kudlow Report. As a syndicated columnist, his articles appear in numerous U.S. newspapers and web sites, including his own blog, Kudlow’s Money Politic$. » Read more…

What we’re reading: China’s stockmarket; How to create a new currency; Trading Leverage

Our Content Team members share articles to one another all the time. Here is a selection of what they’d recommend you to read.

Ivan DelgadoIván Delgado – Chief Editor

What’s behind China’s stockmarket roller-coaster ride?

Irrational exuberance, a phrase used by the then-Federal Reserve Board chairman, Alan Greenspan, when referring to a market that is over-valued, could well be a line that accurately describes the current state of affairs in the Chinese stock market, not only by its prolonged rally out of touch with fundamentals, but also because is now openly seen as ‘a casino without rules’. Pretty much the same feeling I have when driving along the roads in any sub-developed Asian country, be it Bali, where I live, a good illustration. Bikes not respecting traffic lights, people not wearing helmets, kids riding bikes… Extrapolate the Bali road chaos but in Chinese equity markets, that’s the picture I get in my mind after reading the article and witnessing day in and day out irrational wild swings. » Read more…

Fundamental analysis and News analysis concept with Nenad Kerkez

NewspapersWe’re bringing you an exclusive “Monthly Webinar” with Nenad Kerkez on June 30th. He will focus on fundamental facts and major news releases which can affect the movement of the price and how to trade those movements.

This is a two-part webinar (one hour each part).

The first part of the webinar will explain major fundamental facts and news data which traders should be paying attention to during trading hours. This part is open to all users for free. You can already register! – This part is sponsored by Stock.com

The second part of the webinar will be reserved for 2 exclusive modules used for PNT concept. » Read more…

The Forecaster, Martin Armstrong at FXStreet: part 2

Recording Martin Armstrong Interview As already covered in an earlier post in this blog, we had the rare privilege to receive Martin in our Barcelona offices for a one-hour interview. Martin Armstrong, once a financial strategist and advisor to over one trillion dollars of assets, developed a computer model based on the number Pi and other cyclical theories to predict economic turning points with eerie accuracy. » Read more…

Hamish, FTA student: From a diverse career, to a diversified portfolio

Hamish, Student of the FTA CourseA few days ago, my colleague Gus Farrow told me about Hamish’s nice story. Hamish is a student of the Financial Trading Analysis (FTA) short course that we developed together with University of Essex online. Here is his experience.

Hamish was part of our very first cohort on the FTA. Despite having never worked in the financial sector, growing up in New Zealand, a commodity driven economy, instigated his interest in markets and understanding supply and demand. » Read more…

A few drops in the (New Light) India ocean

New Light IndiaJust a short post today to let everyone know the results of the FXStreet T-shirt campaign, whose profits will be donated to New Light India, an NGO that FXStreet supports. We’ve sold 83 t-shirts and the profits after costs are $475, which have already been donated to them. » Read more…

Pictures of the Live Trading Day in Barcelona

FXStreet co-organized a conference last week a Barcelona, the Live Trading Day, that we announced in this blog. The event was a nice experience of trading, learning and experiences sharing!

Here is a selection of the pictures we took so you can have a visual taste of it!