Our interview with Martin Armstrong seen by over 12.000 people

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Screenshot of Google Analytics unique viewers stats for the interview

In May famous financial strategist and advisor Martin Armstrong visited us at FXStreet for a 1-hour interview that we recorded. Well, over 12.000 people saw this interview! That is an impressive number. Most of them watched the video when it was released, but viewers keep coming to our website to watch it every day since then. » Read more…

Cyber Monday: Get free months of Premium webinars

We have prepared an amazing Cyber Monday offer for you:

Cyber Monday 2015 Premium WebinarsIf you buy a 3-month subscription (95€) to our Premium Webinars Service on November 30th (only!)
you will enjoy it for 5 months!

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Students of the Finance Trading Analysis Course say their expectations were exceeded

Financial Trading Analysis - ExcellenceThe Finance Trading Analysis course that FXStreet developed for the University of Essex Online is opening a new intake for students to start the course in January 2016.

With this online programme accredited by a prestigious university, students learn about the different types of financial assets, various schools of analysis and trading strategies, and have the chance to put their learning into practice on live trading simulators.

Students of the last intake sent us their opinions about the course, and it’s excellent… » Read more…

Meet Henar, FXStreet’s Community Manager

This weekend our Facebook page reached 50.000 fans. Henar is our Community Manager at FXStreet. She is the person coordinating all our social media channels, including the Facebook Updates page and we’d like you to make her acquaitance with this lighthearted interview! We have several people taking care of our channels, during our nights for example, but she is the main boss of our activities in the virtual communities networks.

– Oh, by the way, Henar launched a raffle for our fans to win FXStreet’s t-shirts. Try your luck!

Henar at work

How does a day in the life of the Community Manager at FXStreet look like?

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Hurray, 50.000 Facebook Fans!

facebook-50k fans-800x800FXstreet’s Facebook page just reached 50.000 likes! Hurray! This is a great number and we thank all our fans for following us.

Another interesting data: our posts reach 30.000 people per week. The “reach” is the number of people who were served any activity from our Facebook Page including our posts, posts to our Page by other people or mentions. » Read more…

Meet the Live Video speakers: Valeria Bednarik

player-liveforexvideo_header_150Valeria Bednarik’s ID Card
* From: Argentina
* Lives in: Buenos Aires
* Age: 46
* Years in the markets: 12
* Favorite currency pair: No favorite

Valeria Bednarik is FXStreet’s Chief Analyst. Most of you certainly read her analysis every day. Still, you might not know her very well. She is presenting a new weekly show on our Live Video channel, “Valeria Bednarik’s Forex Highlights”, every Tuesday at 11h30 GMT / 6:30 am EST, and we have made this short interview with her, as we’ve done with all the speaker of our new TV!

My first question is straightforward… Do you trade for a living?

Not anymore. I did however, for many years, but now I’m more interested in longer term investments rather than intraday trading. I do trade, but not regularly as I have also other occupations that fulfill my life.

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FXStreet, the Best Educational Service Provider for Traders

Badges_London Summit_Magnates_Best EducationalFor the second year in a row, FXStreet is the Best Educational Service Provider for Traders according to the professionals of the Forex industry!

Our website and its Learning Center received this Award at the Finance Magnates London Summit 2015, an event that closed yesterday and saw over 1,500 of the industry’s leading professionals and executives, representing nearly 500 sovereign companies across the forex, binary options, and FinTech realms. » Read more…

Meet the Live Video Speakers: Ian Coleman

player-liveforexvideo_header_150Ian Coleman’s ID Card
* From: UK
* Lives in: Sheffield (England)
* Age: 46
* Years in the markets: 28
* Favorite currency pair: EUR/GBP

Ian Coleman is an active trader who has been sharing his trade ideas with traders for many years, including on FXStreet. He now hosts a weekly show on our Live Video channel together with his colleague Steve O’Hare where they discuss their forecast for the USD Index and commodities. We wanted to know a bit more about him…

To start with, Ian… Do you trade for a living?

Yes, I am active in the markets on a daily basis.

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Meet the Live Video Speakers: Dr. Sivaraman

player-liveforexvideo_header_150Dr Sivaraman’s ID Card
* From: India
* Lives in: Chennai, state of Tamil Nadu in India
* Age: 63
* Years in the markets: 19
* Favorite currency: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/YEN, USD/INR

Dr S. Sivaraman is probably the longuest running contributor of FXStreet, providing his forecast the beginnings on our website. And he has been presenting webinars on FXStreet for more than 10 years now. Very recently, he moved from webinars on Webex to shows in our Live Video Youtube Channel. He still presents the same: market analysis and forecast during the Asian session based on the algorythm he developed. That is twice per week: on Monday for trading calls and forecasts and on Friday for a review. Make the acquaintance of Dr S. Sivaraman with our interview!

Dr Sivaraman, please tell us who you are in a few words.

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FXStreet #113 worlwide in StartUp Ranking

FXStreet does pretty well in terms of web position and social influence. That’s what the “Startup Ranking” reveals, placing FXStreet 3rd in Spain (the country where FXStreet headquarters are located) and number 113 worlwide!


StartUp Ranking FXStreet

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