Be aware of scams! FXStreet does not manage third-party accounts

Today at FXStreet we want to warn our users to avoid online scams. FXStreet does not manage third-party trading accounts.

We have detected an increase of fake profiles asking traders to provide their bank details on behalf of FXStreet. Be aware, because it’s not FXStreet and you will not become rich.

If you receive an email or social media contact on behalf of FXStreet offering you this kind of service or any other suspicious email, please send it forward to us as we are in touch with the authorities.

Such illegal activities are taken very seriously by FXStreet. After internal investigations, we have discovered that the name of the person behind the last wave of cozenages is Jordan Barta. He registered a domain and has sent spam emails to traders asking for transfers and finance details under this name and other aliases. We are taking appropriate action to stop it.

Any details related to this issue will be very helpful and will be treated with top confidentiality.

Trade safe!

FXStreet advances you the next market movements

Even if you’re at the beach or having a mountain escape surrounded by fresh air, at FXStreet we’re always looking forward to providing you the best information to keep trading while you’re on your holiday. This time, the best Forex experts want to help you to have a global vision of the upcoming events that will take place in the next six months.

Do you want to be the first one to know what directions may follow financial markets? Keep on reading and check the five exclusive previews by Valeria Bednarik, Haresh Menghani, Dhwani Mehta and Omkar Godbole.

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FXStreet predicted BoE’s rate cut before it happened

At FXStreet one of our values is that we want our readers to have a clear view of the market. As a Forex source, our mission is to offer the best objective information covering global markets 24/5.

For BoE’s coverage, we provided news, analysis, opinion pieces and special live videos on real-time. And since 2015, we anticipated BoE’s rate cut movement before it happened. It was yesterday when the Bank of England decided to cut rates from 0,50% to 0,25% with a surprising unanimously 9 – 0 votes in favor of a rate cut.

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Meet Felipe, FXStreet’s U.S Session Manager

While we’re headquartered in Barcelona, our website wouldn’t be the same without its 30 co-workers around the world who help to cover the markets 24/5 in different languages. Today we want to introduce you one of our international members. Felipe Erazo is a global journalist from Colombia but nowadays he lives in Chile. Erazo loves financial markets, wrestling and traveling. Meet Felipe, a great member of our international 60-people staff.

Felipe at work


How does a day in the life of a member of FXStreet U.S team look?

After drinking my daily dose of caffeine, I check my email 30 minutes before I start my workday because I like to be up to date in recent events just before I’m in charge of the US Session at FXStreet. When I’m working, I check that all the site content is updated and that there isn’t any technical mistake to guarantee a pleasurable experience to our users.

Usually, the American Session is calm, except when Janet Yellen speaks or when unexpected macroeconomic events take place, but the best of all is that I have always by my side a great team of News Editors aware of any event, which makes my daily routine a unique experience.  » Read more…

Finance Feeds: Q&A Sessions with Carolina May, CEO of FXStreet

Our CEO Carolina May has been interviewed by Finance Feeds in a series about Industry Influencers.carol

Carolina explains how she started her journey from the Marketing department to CEO of the company, what she thinks about the role of women in the financial industry and how new tools and new products might improve user’s experience at FXStreet.

When Carolina was asked to confess the biggest challenge at FXStreet, she confessed that “we are still growing, innovating, constantly evolving to suit our customer’s needs. FXStreet will continue to lead from the front. That is mission”.

An enjoyable interview to read if you want to know a bit better our CEO!

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FXStreet, one of the Top 10 Best Forex Calendars

Today we’re happy and proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the best worldwide Forex Calendars in 2016! Earn Forex has decided that FXStreet’s economic data provided on real-time deserves to be at the Top 10 websites that offer a high level of information quality at Economic Calendar.

At FXStreet we offer the latest data of financial markets events on GTM time frame with indicators, historic charts, market impact filters referred as Volatility and links to related news. Another of the features that user might find is the non-scalable Javascript based chart.

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Meet Olga, FXStreet’s Administration Assistant

After talking with our office staff of Marketing, Content, Overseas, IT and Sales departments, the day has arrived to interview one of our Administration members. Assistant at the administration department of the company, Olga is the first person you see when you arrive at the office in the morning because she is also in charge of reception on FXStreet headquarters. She always greets you with a smile and a cheerful attitude.  

Olga at work


How does a day in the life of the Administration Assistant at FXStreet look?

I arrive at the office at eight o‘clock. I take off the answering machine and I open my email’s inbox. Then, I do all the tasks derived from it. After that, and depending of the day, I prepare some invoices, update some documents, claim for payments…

As the main responsible at reception, do you prefer to greet visitors or to answer telephone calls?

There’s not a high volume of visitors or phone calls. My contact with them is very brief because I’m just an intermediate between them and someone at the office. Anyway, I think the personal contact is always the best option to assist clients.  » Read more…

Get ready for the NFP report with Valeria Bednarik

Every first Friday of the month, the US Non-Farm Payrolls is scheduled to release the most important data about the currencies moves where markets are more volatile than any other news event. The US Jobs Report outlines the health of the US economy and central banks, which in consequence it means everyone on the planet is impacted by NFP.

And once again, on Friday the date will arrive to our calendars.

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GBP/USD went down with Brexit and we very much anticipated so!

At FXStreet we’re always looking to offer the best objective information at one click for traders and professionals. For Brexit’s coverage, we provided breaking news, analysis, opinion pieces and more than 15 live coverages. And so we did anticipating Pound Sterling’s fall before the UK referendum was even announced.

Last Christmas, our contributor Omkar Godbole and, Gonçalo Moreira, Forex analyst and Content Advisor at FXStreet, warned us about it at GBP/USD Forecast 2016: BoE liftoff could be delayed, Bears could target 1.45-1.4280.

In words of Godbole, “the Brexit fears in H1, along with the delay in the BOE liftoff is likely to keep Sterling under pressure. We may be in for a serious fall if the markets focus on the worsening UK current account to GDP ratio. Sterling could target 1.3954 in this case”.

But it was Moreira‘s Point and Figure chart that had the best forecast: “The downside risk implied by two horizontal counts resulting from the consolidation formed since Spring 2015 is 1.3400 and well below the early 2009 low, 1.3000. No upside target is valid in this resolution, the reason being the bearish semi-catapult already breaking down on two occasions.”


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Gonçalo Moreira shows you how to avoid trading risks

Tomorroblog trialw is the day. Tomorrow is when the so-called Brexit referendum will let the British citizens decide if they will leave or remain in the European Union.

As a Forex trader, you might wonder: what effect does the referendum have (and will have) on the Pound, the Euro and other currencies?

Gonçalo Moreira, our Content Advisor at FXStreet, explains us in his recent analysis, called “Stop. Read this yesterday“,  how to be cautious with valuable warnings about margin and leverage during the Brexit context. » Read more…

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