New homepages layout: more content, more visuals

New FXStreet homepage on screenHave you noticed? Bigger images, less text, more content. These three concepts could summarize the recent reform of FXStreet’s homepages layout.

Driven by the desire to have a visually more contemporary website and to increase the quantity of displayed content without damaging readibility, our team decided to rethink and rebuild the layout of our homepages.

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Empowering our Social Media channels

Social MediaFXStreet has always been very active on social media channels. And their quality has been recognized by the most influent, including Bloomberg that ranks FXStreet top worldwide among Twitter Inc. users of currency-market analysis.

We gain large amount of new followers, subscribers and fans every day, but we still have room to do better and offer more to the Forex traders connected to social networks.

Here are our novelties in the field:


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Twitter: @FXStreetNews Still #1 for Bloomberg

Still number 1. A bit more than a year ago, an article was published on Bloomberg stating that FXStreet News was ranked top worldwide among Twitter Inc. users of currency-market analysis. And this morning, we wanted to check if it was still the case. And to our great pleasure, it still is. And we are proud. Here is the proof, a screenshot from Bloomberg terminals.

Bloomberg Terminal - Top FX Tweeters - October 5th 2015_with highlight


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Thumbs up to our News Team!


Trader of the Year 2015 – Last call

Trader of the YearIn a few days, on October 11th, FXStreet’s Trader of the Year contest will start. You are still on time to enroll!

Trade currencies on a Demo account during one month and the five best performers (highest Account Equity) at the end of the competition period win various prizes (total value of prizes: $18.000 ), including a $5,000 live trading account with Hantec Markets, the sponsor of the contest.

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FXStreet receives Microsoft Partner Network’s certification

Certificate Microsoft_Javi Josep

Javier Hertfelder and Josep Casas from FXStreet’s IT Team

As a technology company FXStreet must ensure that the best technologies are used in the services that we provide. From day 1, FXStreet chose Microsoft as a key Partner to provide the technology that we needed.

This summer, Microsoft selected a series of companies that have been using their latest technologies to offer a certification that guarantees the quality in their productions. Through a series of exams Microsoft studies and rewards the company that passes them with different advantages over they products, courses and software that is normally licensed. » Read more…

Richard Olsen and Yohay Elam to speak at FXStreet

In the coming days, we will welcome two important and close collaborators of FXStreet… one, Richard Olsen, in the virtual world (Live Video on Youtube) and the other, Yohay Elam, in the real world (speech in Barcelona).

Richard Olsen – Thursday October 1st – Live Analysis Room

In our Live Analysis Room, Dale Pinkert will interview Richard Olsen, an economic researcher in high frequency finance known as the co-founder and former Chairman of OANDA. He will discuss the blockchain technolog (the distributive ledger technology that underpins Bitcoins), a word that has been in everyone’s mouth in the financial services firms these last months. Does it have the potential to disrupt the industry and affect how Forex traders operate? We’ll hear Richard’s thoughts. We will also talk about his general vision of the future and his new company Lykke whose ambitious project is to create a global FX marketplace, where “traders will be able to trade at ultra-low cost and will not be captive to any one broker. They will be able to transfer their assets at any time”, as he explained to Leaprate in a recent interview. » Read more…

Live Video: Mauricio Carrillo about FXStreet’s new TV Channel


We’re excited to announce you the launch of Live Video, FXStreet’s new online TV channel. This exciting project will grow little by little, but already started a few days ago. We thought that the best person to explain you all about it is its manager, Mauricio Carrillo. Here is what you can expect.

Mauricio Carrillo FXstreetFirst of, in a few words, what is FXStreet’s Live Video? What will the user find on this new channel?

FXStreet Live Video is a dream. Our target is to become the first 100% Forex online TV channel and community in the industry. It will mix live and recorded content. The channel will be highly social with lots of ideas and strategies shared by members and users and commented by experts around the clock. They will improve each other in community.

What type of programs will you air?

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Back to the competition! Trader of the Year 2015

Trader of the Year 2015Registration is open! FXStreet’s Trader of The Year contest is back… » Read more…

Forex Charts provider change: good news for our users

TeleTrader Chart

TeleTrader Chart

We’ve changed the provider of our “Real-time Chart Station” and “Live Streaming Forex Charts“: it is now TeleTrader instead of Netdania. These are good news for all our users. Here is why:

  • The new charts can be used on any device: desktop, mobile or tablet — that was not the case until now!
  • No plug-ins, no hassle — Bye bye Java, hello HTML5! :

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Women of the Street – FT Video

FT_Women of the StreetTo close the series of interviews with our eight Women in Forex, we wanted to share with you a video from the Financial Times that our Head of Content Pere Monguió found a few days ago.

Investment is a man’s world, despite evidence that women may well be better at it. Why? John Authers talks to Suzanne Duncan of State Street and Meredith Jones, author of Women of the Street in a search for answers. » Read more…