10 years of Webinars: Who are FXStreet’s longest running speakers?

longest runningThe other day when I wrote the post about Wayne McDonell’s new weekly webinars, I digged into our archives to find out when Wayne started to present webinars with us. And my curiosity went further: I checked other long running speakers on our website. Here is a list of those speakers who have been presenting webinars for the longest time (with interruptions in some cases):

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FXStreet Sessions: New London Group on Facebook

London CityWe’ve been hosting informal monthly meetings of traders for more than 2 years, in several cities around the world. We started through the famous “Meetup” communities, but the concept has evolved and changed, and the events have been renamed “FXStreet Sessions“. In order to provide a place for the members of these sessions to keep in touch, we’ve opened an FXStreet Sessions London group on Facebook. » Read more…

Conversations with Forex Experts

Conversations with Forex ExpertsForex analysts and professional traders write every day on FXStreet. It’s in fact one of the oldest thing we’re doing on FXStreet: offering space for contributors to provide articles and content to our users, the traders. They talk about what they consider important and interesting in currencies and other related markets. But then we also do it the other way round: WE ask them to answer the questions we (and hopefully our users) have about the current markets. That’s the “Conversations with Forex Experts” interviews.

FxPro and ForexTime jumped in

Since February 2011 we’ve been publishing interviews with analysts from FXCM and in 2014 XTB’s analysts joined the pool of experts. » Read more…

FXStreet News in Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Terminal FXStreet News_cutFXStreet’s Forex news quality is once again underlined: not only do we have more than 7000 users who read them on our website every day but they are also integrated into Bloomberg’s terminal. A direct feed from Twitter’s FXStreetNews comes into the Bloomberg system, so all clients, traders and banks in the world get FXStreet News instantly. They can also set up alerts when we release a new piece of news. » Read more…

Gonçalo Moreira at the RoboTrader World

Goncalo Moreira_RoboTraderLast week Gonçalo Moreira, CMT and Content Advisor at FXStreet, was guest speaker at the RoboTrader World 2015 event in Madrid. He shared original ideas on how to automatize technical set-ups from all sorts.

“You can work with very standard indicators and settings and yet contextualize a particular technical event so that it becomes a meaningful strategic signal,” he said. From moving average cross-overs to candlestick pattern detection, the strategies shared by our CMT conveyed a deep technical knowledge in a very easy to understand way. » Read more…

New weekly trading webinars with Wayne McDonell

Wayne McDonellStarting this Friday, our star-guest speaker Wayne McDonell will present a WEEKLY webinar on FXStreet, called “Live Forex Strategy Session – Fundamental and Technical Analysis“.

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CNBC’s Guy Adami on FXStreet

Guy Adamy CNBC presenter Guy Adami will be interviewed by Dale Pinkert in FXStreet’s Live Analysis Room. Professional investor and trader, he is one of the original member of CNBC’s Fast Money TV program. That’ll be on Wednesday March 18th at 10:00 am ET – 14:00 GMT.


Adami began his career at Drexel Burnham Lambert in 1986 where he worked on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange. In 1996, he joined Goldman Sachs’ commodity group, J. Aron as a vice president. » Read more…

Women and Trading: Happy Women’s Day!

Women and TradingThis is a fact: 95% of FXStreet users are men. This is not just us, trading is mostly a man’s world. So what about the 5% women? This Sunday, March 8th is the International Women’s Day. So let’s talk a bit about them.

Talking with Women Traders

More than 4 years ago, we did a series of interviews called “Women in Forex“, that was afterwards published in FX Trader Magazine. » Read more…

#BeMyCoach: one-hour free trading coaching raffle

RaffleAs we announced last week, FXStreet has opened a new coaching service: 1-on-1 sessions to help traders to adapt and boost their skills and find support.

To celebrate the launch of this program, we’re organizing a raffle in our social media channels from Feb 27 to March 5th. The winner will receive a one-hour FREE session of coaching with Dale Pinkert (120$ value).

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A coach to boost your performance: Dale Pinkert

It’s pretty common for traders to feel alone. To sense that they should learn from their mistakes. That, if supported, they could multiply their skills, resources and results.

Solutions are multiple to fight these feelings and become a better trader: read books, go to traders meetings, join forums, watch webinars, etc (all of this, by the way, offered by FXStreet).

CoachBut what if you want something more personal?

There is a way: get a coach. Sportmen get one to keep their performance track up… why wouldn’t traders do the same? » Read more…