FXStreet, the best Forex Trading site to follow?

FXStreet, the absolute best forex trading site around? That’s what Joan Nordstrom from TradingWalk thinks!

FXStreet (fxstreet.com) is the absolute best forex trading site around. This site offers tons of updates as well as provides several amazing features that any winning trading site should have. Though it is one of the top leading websites available in the forex world, it deserves to be in the number one spot in the list. FxStreet is definitely the top free site that you can get your hands on.

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Premium Webinars: New speakers for 2016

Premium Webinars 2016

To keep our Premium Webinars service at the best level, we are constantly looking for, renewing and adding top quality traders and analysts to join our pool of speakers.

Here are the new speakers for this year: » Read more…

Meet Nuria, FXStreet’s Users Service Manager

Some of you might know her already. She is our Users Services Manager: if one day you wrote us an email through the “Contact us” form in the last 3 years, you probably have received a reply from Nuria. She’s been working in the FXStreet’s Content Team for almost four years now. Besides taking care of our users requests, she is a web editor, taking care of content publishing, in particular in the Education section. Read our interview with this lovely girl and mum, a discreet colleague who smiles a lot!

Nuria at work

How does a day in the life of the Users Service Manager at FXStreet look like?

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Forex Best Awards 2016: Vote is open!

The Forex Best Awards are back for the 6th consecutive year! They will reward the best contributors on FXStreet in 2015.


Our team has selected  more than 40 analysts, traders and authors nominated in 7 categories. This list was prepared based on the quality and success of the contributors and their content.

Check the nominee’s full list


As previous editions, the winners of each category are chosen through popular vote and through the vote of a professional jury. » Read more…

Forex Forecast 2016: What’s to come? – Special Reports

Forex Forecast 2016

What’s to come in 2016 for the currency markets? After the Panel Discussion we organized in December (whose recording you can still watch), our team created different content to help our readers understand what topics and trends should unfold this year. Here you have those special reports. » Read more…

Top 10 2015: News, Live Video Shows and Books

top10-News, Live Video Shows and Trading BooksLast post of our Top 10 series about the most famous content and contributors on FXStreet in 2015. Today, we take a look at the pieces of news, live video shows and trading books that received the biggest amount of clicks on our website during the year that just closed.

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Top 10 2015: Educational Articles and Economic Events


We continue with our Top 10 of 2015, today with the most read Educational Articles (check them out if you haven’t read them!) and most checked events of our Economic Calendar.

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Top 10 2015: Analysis Articles and Webinars

Top 10 2015

A traditional feature that comes back every year: the top 10 of the content that was the most read or watched by FXStreet’s users during the previous year.

There are 7 categories, by type of content: Analysis Articles, Webinars, Economic Calendar Events, Educational Articles, Trading Books, News and Live Video Shows. The ranking is based on total pageviews.

Today, we unveil the Top 10 Analysis articles and Webinars (almost all of them were recorded so you might want to watch them if you haven’t seen them yet). » Read more…

Martin Armstrong is the Forex Person of the Year 2015

FX Person of the Year 2015The Forex Person of the year 2015 is economist and financial strategist Martin Armstrong.

Martin Armstrong, once a financial strategist and advisor to over one trillion dollars of asset, developed a computer model based on the number Pi and other cyclical theories to predict economic turning points with eerie accuracy. He is the person behind the “Princeton Economics International” think tank. He is known to have predicted the crash of 1987 to the very day.

The Economic Confidence Model is an economic cycle theory by Martin A. Armstrong. Armstrong proposes that economic waves occur every 8.6 years, or 3141 days, which approximately Pi X 1000. At the end of each cycle is a crisis after which the economic climate improves until the next 8.6 year crisis point. Armstrong’s theory was first applied in 1977, when he used it to successfully predict an upturn in the price of commodities. » Read more…

Users spent 277 years on FXStreet in 2015

timeAfter reading a feature published by The Upshot called “The Stories That Held You the Longest in 2015” a few days ago, I stopped and wondered: and on FXStreet, where did people spend most time in 2015?

First of, the total time spent by all users on FXStreet is  2,428,640 hours. When you translate this into years, the number makes one’s head spin: 277 years! And that is only the English version of FXStreet (that also exists in 16 other languages, not included here).

If we look into it by type of content, the pages where our users spent most time are: » Read more…