Día de la Fruta: Fruit for everyone

Día de la FrutaEvery Wednesday morning it’s “Día de la Fruta” at FXStreet Barcelona. Day of the fruit. A fruit seller from the Boquería, the famous food market of the nearby Ramblas, comes to the office with a box full of fruits of the season.

Our CEO, Carolina May, came with the idea in April 2014. You have to know that for many years now, our team members bring chocolates and sweets » Read more…

Wear FXStreet and Support an NGO

t-shirt_betaFXStreet makes regular donations to a series of NGO’s whose work and objectives we admire and want to support. We’ve created a nice and cool Forex t-shirt and we will give 100% of profit to New Light India (newlightindia.org).

The t-shirt will be delivered only when we reach our goal: 50 t-shirts ordered by June 1st. There are several models (man, woman, hoodie or American Apparel), from 19.99$.

So order your t-shirt now, and help FXStreet to shine a New Light on good causes!

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What we’re reading: Bloomberg’s terminal dominance; Virtu’s HFT business; S&P CEO’s; Varoufakis and Pulp

Here you have a few articles that our content team has read lately and recommends you!

Gus FarrowGus Farrow - Analyst and Chief Editor

To arms, to arms! The world’s biggest financial firms rise up against Bloomberg’s terminals

A key trend seen so far this century is the commoditization of industry. Financial markets are no exception.
We should not expect a complete revolution, but rather a slow draining of the protective moats of industry leaders. While competition is always the key to improving efficiency, we should not be so excitable as to imagine that change will come without wider repercussions.
Right now a status quo has existed in the market place for decades. A new normal will not be without casualties, and the ability to adapt to the rate of change will determine who will be tomorrows thought leaders. » Read more…

UK election coverage on FXStreet

UKOn May 7 2015, the UK general election will be held  to elect the 56th Parliament of the United Kingdom. Elections are political conditions that can impact the level of confidence in a nation’s government and affect the climate of stability. Hence, the country’s currencies. FXStreet’s Team has prepared special content about these elections and its impact on the Forex Markets.


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First edition of the “Live Trading Day” in Barcelona

Live Trading DayFXStreet co-organizes with BcnTradingPoint a one-day Forex event in Barcelona for the Stocks and Forex trader, in Spanish. It’s the Live Trading Day and it’s on June 4th.

Speakers are renowned Spanish traders and analysts: Yuri Rabassa (Forex Duet), Ferran Font (Independent Trader), Gonçalo Moreira, CMT (FXStreet), Marc Ribes and Gisela Turazzini (BlackBird Wealth Management). Canadian trader Chris Lori, CTA will also be there, presenting a 2-hour workshop in English. » Read more…

Gus Farrow about the FTA Course in the media

Gus FarrowGus Farrow is the mind and leader of the “Financial Trading Analysis Course” that FXStreet has developed together with University of Essex Online. A new intake for the course is going to take place in a few days. Gus was invited by two media last week to talk about the importance of education for traders and what the course brings to the student.

“There is no Holy Grail: the journey is the reward” – Leaprate

“There is a correlation between traders’ knowledge and lifetime value of clients » Read more…

Economic Calendar and other Forex content on your website

FXStreet produces content for the currency traders, and some of these contents are available for web owners. At no cost! The “Syndicate” section of our website directly gives the code that can be integrated in any blog or website. No need to get our authorization to implement them on your page… but if you do take them, we’ll be happy to know so you can drop us a line here below ;) Thanks! » Read more…

What we’re reading: Banks owing money to borrowers; Japan biggest US creditor; Durckenmiller’s interview; Women on banknotes

Here you have a few articles that our content team has read this week and recommends you.

Gonçalo MoreiraGonçalo Moreira, CMT – Content Advisor

Tumbling Interest Rates in Europe Leaves Some Banks Owing Money on Loans to Borrowers

In monetary economics, the quantity theory of money states that money supply has a direct, proportional relationship with the price level.  That is, if the currency in circulation increased, there would be a proportional increase in the price of goods, what is called inflation.
In many countries now, banks will pay you for the privilege of borrowing money. This is a world in which banks don’t want your money. ZIRP – or below zero- politics  are intended to make banks averse to hoarding cash and force them to lend it to entrepreneurs. » Read more…

Second FX Congress in Moscow – We’re partner

FX Congress Russia 2015FXStreet is media partner of the second FX Congress that will take place on April 23 in Moscow. This B2B event is meant to be one of the biggest forex conference this year, a place where professional participants of the Forex market from Russia, Europe and CIS will gather. » Read more…

10 years of Webinars: Who are FXStreet’s longest running speakers?

longest runningThe other day when I wrote the post about Wayne McDonell’s new weekly webinars, I digged into our archives to find out when Wayne started to present webinars with us. And my curiosity went further: I checked other long running speakers on our website. Here is a list of those speakers who have been presenting webinars for the longest time (with interruptions in some cases):

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