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Barcelona FXStreet meetup

More than a year ago, we started shyly doing our first meetup in Barcelona. Promoted by FXStreet president Francesc Riverola we wanted to meet other traders and share our passion for trading. Now we have 10 trader communities around the world and after the summer break we are back full of energy.

What are you going to find? top quality speakers, traders like you, from newbies to experienced ones and a good opportunity to network.

Find your city, save the date and join us!

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Celebrate with us the NFP’s 100th edition with Wayne McDonell

728x90September 5th is a special day for us. We celebrate the Non-Farm Payroll’s 100th edition with Wayne McDonnell. Don’t miss this special edition full of surprises! It will take place at 11:30 GMT.

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Four new contributors join FXStreet Market Analysis

In FXStreet we work to give you a complete view of what is going on in the Market. One way of doing it is through our contributors collaborations. In the last weeks the new companies that have joined our Analysis section are:

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Tips to choose a broker (part two)

As we commented in our previous post, the process of choosing a broker can sometimes be more tedious that it could seem at first sight. That’s why from FXStreet we’ve prepared a set of posts, related to the webinar The process of chosing a Broker made by Gonçalo Moreira, our Content Advisor, on July, 9th; with the aim of helping traders in the process of selecting the broker that bests suits their trading needs. When selecting a broker we have to keep in mind that most of them require you to make a certain minimum deposit to open an account. In fact, figure can range from as little as 1$ to several thousand dollars.

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FXBeat, a non-stop site for Forex trading fans

FXBeat LogoFXBeat, FXStreet’s news and commentary feed led by Jamie Coleman’s team keeps on helping traders around the clock. The service, which has become recently Premium and which soon will celebrate its first anniversary, is addressed to Forex traders. It informs them, in a fast and easy way, about what is going on in the market. Coleman’s team do not only give useful data, they also offer it in a witty environment and include some of those rumors who sometimes can have impact on the markets.

Jamie Coleman, Gerry Davies, Matt Bacon-Hall and Peter Fell form a team of experts with broad experience in foreign exchange markets.

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Bloomberg News ranks FXStreet’s Twitter profile among the top in its field

BloombergNewsFXStreet News is ranked top worldwide among Twitter Inc. users of currency-market analysis, according to data compiled by Bloomberg based on followers, retweets and frequency of posts being tagged as a ‘favorite’.” This is part of an article published this week in Bloomberg News regarding our company and its influence in foreign-exchange markets. There FXStreet has been mentioned as an example of Social Media channels management.

From FXStreet we’re proud of being useful to our audience. We work for you and this recognition has been possible thanks to you!

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Guess EUR/USD position and get a free three-month subscription to FXBeat!

FXBLogo111x41Guess the price of EUR/USD at the end of this Friday American session (August, 1st at 15h GMT) and get a free three-month subscription to FXBeat! FXBeat is FXStreet news and commentary feed focused on Forex market and produced by Jamie Coleman’s team.

You can participate in this promotion through FXStreet Facebook and Twitter social media profiles.

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Giuseppe Basile’s reflections on Alfonso Esparza’s framework for analysis of social unrest in financial markets

MeetUpOn Thursday July 4, 2014 I had the honor and pleasure to host Alfonso Esparza as guest of the Toronto Forex Group, for a very inspiring, useful and practical presentation. Alfonso is a senior, experienced currency analyst with OANDA and publisher of MarketPulse. As a trader and market analyst I am into using a “modern variation” of Fibonacci to spot areas where participation of widespread classes of algorithms can be anticipated. So although I value fundamental analysis, I rarely make reference to it in my trading, as I find it is very difficult to integrate discretionary tools into my rule-based trading. But what I and the other several participants have learned from Alfonso at the July meetup is that there can be identifiable market, economic and geopolitical situations, like those developing from social dislocation (the topic of July presentation) that can be analyzed and explained using well defined conceptual frameworks.

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The meetup family is growing

MeetUp We are happy to announce the addition of two new cities to the meetups project: Singapore & Mumbai.

From this September, Singapore & Mumbai will be offering a monthly discussion group were to share knowledge and experience about trading forex. FXStreet community is growing fast, as in September we will have 10 meetups around the world!

We start this project with the support of our sponsors IG in Singapore and Tradenext in Mumbai. Welcome on board!

Join us in Singapore

Join us in Mumbai

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Steve Ruffley live on FXStreet talking about ultimate trading strategies and style coaching

On July, 24th Steve Ruffley, will be live on our special Monthly Webinar divided in two parts. It will be a live webinar and it will be divided in two parts, the former free of charge, entitled ‘Steve Ruffley’s ultimate trading strategies’ (14:00 GMT) and the latter Premium, ’1-1 style coaching’ (16:00 GMT). The first part of this webinar will be focused on Ruffley’s experience after being trading over a decade and managing one of the biggest trading floors in Europe. As Ruffley says there are a only a few key strategies that really work, and this will be outlined in this first part of the webinar. At the same time, Steve will be giving away seven free iView ‘Lite’ software packages for people who attend the open webinar, and three to those who attend to the Premium one. Each licence costs $199.

Register for this webinar


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