Simplifying things but protecting the user

In an effort to make the user experience eastouching-mobile-phoneier and faster, all websites and apps are continuously simplifying things: less confirmations, less data to give, less steps and buttons to click to activate an option, subscribe to a newsletter or join an online meeting. FXStreet is of course following this trend – and is working hard to implement these principles even more with our 3.0 version to be released next year – to be in tune with the needs of the users.

But we believe there are borders not to be crossed. You can not drive the users to make, in just one click, irreversible and massive actions by mistake or ignoring all the consequences. That’s what happened to our COO and Partner, Setxi Fernandez last night on LinkedIn app. Here is the story, that he published in a post on LinkedIn this morning. Continue reading Simplifying things but protecting the user

FXStreet receives Microsoft Partner Network’s certification

Certificate Microsoft_Javi Josep
Javier Hertfelder and Josep Casas from FXStreet’s IT Team

As a technology company FXStreet must ensure that the best technologies are used in the services that we provide. From day 1, FXStreet chose Microsoft as a key Partner to provide the technology that we needed.

This summer, Microsoft selected a series of companies that have been using their latest technologies to offer a certification that guarantees the quality in their productions. Through a series of exams Microsoft studies and rewards the company that passes them with different advantages over they products, courses and software that is normally licensed. Continue reading FXStreet receives Microsoft Partner Network’s certification

Gonçalo Moreira at the RoboTrader World

Goncalo Moreira_RoboTraderLast week Gonçalo Moreira, CMT and Content Advisor at FXStreet, was guest speaker at the RoboTrader World 2015 event in Madrid. He shared original ideas on how to automatize technical set-ups from all sorts.

“You can work with very standard indicators and settings and yet contextualize a particular technical event so that it becomes a meaningful strategic signal,” he said. From moving average cross-overs to candlestick pattern detection, the strategies shared by our CMT conveyed a deep technical knowledge in a very easy to understand way. Continue reading Gonçalo Moreira at the RoboTrader World

Women and Trading: Happy Women’s Day!

Women and TradingThis is a fact: 95% of FXStreet users are men. This is not just us, trading is mostly a man’s world. So what about the 5% women? This Sunday, March 8th is the International Women’s Day. So let’s talk a bit about them.

Talking with Women Traders

More than 4 years ago, we did a series of interviews called “Women in Forex“, that was afterwards published in FX Trader Magazine. Continue reading Women and Trading: Happy Women’s Day!

Rat Traders? A joke! But what if…

Rat TradersThe other day at lunch time in our office in Barcelona, jumping from one topic to the other, we ended up talking about Rat Traders.

Rat what?

“What are you talking about?”

It is exactly the question that our CTO Javi asked when joining us in the room. Continue reading Rat Traders? A joke! But what if…

FXstreet 3.0: A work in progress

It’s been a few months now since the FXStreet’s team started to work on a new version of its website. And it will take a few more months. That’ll be a whole new FXStreet. You might not recognize it, but it’ll surely (hopefully!) be much more trader-friendly. The same quality of information as ever, but with a totally renewed image, architecture and navigation. Also, from the backend and edition field, we’ll be able to work more easily and quickly… that means develop more and better solutions for the user!

We can’t unveil anything yet. But here we share with you a few pictures of members of our team working on the new version of our Technical tools. Continue reading FXstreet 3.0: A work in progress

Defining FXStreet values

Every person in the world or group of people has values. Sometimes there are so naturally part of you, that it’s complicated to express them in words.

Last year here at FXStreet we worked defining the principles, beliefs and accepted standards that guide our everyday work and how we relate with the people and entities that surround us.FXStreet-Values Continue reading Defining FXStreet values

FXStreet staff: Hasta Luego Sandra, y gracias!

RoadOur President and Founder, Francesc Riverola, has just published a post in his blog about our dear colleague, Sandra García, whose last day in the company is today. Francesc explains everything in better words than I could… so I invite you to read him.

Gracias, Sandra! Hasta luego y mucha suerte! A new, exciting path awaits you.