Women and Trading: Happy Women’s Day!

Women and TradingThis is a fact: 95% of FXStreet users are men. This is not just us, trading is mostly a man’s world. So what about the 5% women? This Sunday, March 8th is the International Women’s Day. So let’s talk a bit about them.

Talking with Women Traders

More than 4 years ago, we did a series of interviews called “Women in Forex“, that was afterwards published in FX Trader Magazine. We talked with ladies who are evolving in our sector: how they get there, why, what are the advatanges or disadvantages being a women, what is their daily life, etc. The idea was to have a chat with these atypical traders (representing only 5% of a group, they can be called atypical!)

The women we featured in this series were Valeria Bednarik (still our chief analyst) and seven other traders and authors: Carol Harmer, Karen Jones, Raghee Horner, Triffany Hammond, Jane Foley, Jody Samuel and Kathy Lien. Though it was a while back, I believe these interviews are still nice readings!

It might be a fun and interesting idea to get back to them and see how things have changed in their life. Do a follow-up and publish it on FXStreet. Hey, this is an idea I’ll keep in my mind for 2015 😉

And FXStreet’s team?

Earlier this year, in January, we got contacted by a young US student, Maggie. She is studying IT and Spanish and decided to do a research that would link the two, adding one aspect: women. She found studies about women working in IT-related companies in the US but nothing about Spain. She’s in Barcelona for a few months and decided to interview women employed in start-ups of our city. We accepted to meet her and 4 women in our team – including me – accepted to take a while to answer her questions.

At some point, she asked me how many men and how many women were working in our team. There are more than 50 people working for FXStreet, but in the Barcelona office we are 33 people: 14 women and 17 men. Almost half-half. Maggie told me that compared to other Barcelona-based IT companies she went to, it was pretty impressive, other companies seemed to be much less-balanced.

So I guess we’re not representative of the traders community nor the very manly IT world, but hopefully a bit closer to the the Earth community 😉

Happy Women’s Day 2015!



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