Gonçalo Moreira at the RoboTrader World

Goncalo Moreira_RoboTraderLast week Gonçalo Moreira, CMT and Content Advisor at FXStreet, was guest speaker at the RoboTrader World 2015 event in Madrid. He shared original ideas on how to automatize technical set-ups from all sorts.

“You can work with very standard indicators and settings and yet contextualize a particular technical event so that it becomes a meaningful strategic signal,” he said. From moving average cross-overs to candlestick pattern detection, the strategies shared by our CMT conveyed a deep technical knowledge in a very easy to understand way.

The speech was intended to show the QCaid platform, a drag-and-drop type of automation platform developed by the Spanish company Qubitia. FXStreet has used this platform to build a technical news generator which will soon be officially made public.

RoboTrader is a Spanish competition where engineers students have to develop technolgy and algorithmic systems for trading and financial markets. Part of the event is made of educational sessions presented by professionals of the sector.

Alberto Muñoz

Two days later, our collaborator and Spanish forum (Forex.es) moderator, Alberto Muñoz, gave a seminar in which he explained the most important concepts of Forex trading, from what is a pip to the impact of interventions of central banks (with the SNB aftermath still in the memory of many of us) and ended with some advanced ideas to develop specific currency trading strategies.

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