New weekly trading webinars with Wayne McDonell

Wayne McDonellStarting this Friday, our star-guest speaker Wayne McDonell will present a WEEKLY webinar on FXStreet, called “Live Forex Strategy Session – Fundamental and Technical Analysis“.

In this live forex trading webinar we will discuss the fundamental news events of the week and review the technical setups on the charts. We will look for trading opportunities for the day as well as look to setup swing trade plans for the following week. We will review the G7 FX Currency Pairs, as well as Gold, Oil and Stock Indices. We may also discuss scalping and hedging techniques using binary options. This event is scheduled to be 75 minutes to allow time for audience interaction, participate and Q&A.

That’ll be every Friday at 11:30 GMT – 07:30 am Eastern Time.

You can register for his weekly webinar or “follow” Wayne to be automatically registered for all his upcoming webinars on FXStreet. You’ll then receive an email notification 10 minutes before the start of his sessions. You can of course “unfollow” him anytime in just one click.

Longest running

Wayne McDonell is one of the longest running speakers on FXStreet. And he is certainly the speaker who’s been presenting webinars for the longest interrupted time: his first live session was on February 2006 (by then it was a chat session, text only): “FxBootcamp Basic Training: FOREX & Non-Farm Payrolls Explained”. We still have the transcript! Then he did a couple of other webinars before holding the first Non Farm Payrolls live coverage in June 2006… a coverage that he has been doing every single month since then and until today! Last week we hosted the 106th edition of the 3-hour “Trade Non-Farm Payrolls LIVE” event!!! Quite a performance and chapeau to Wayne. He’ll be back in April of course, he’s never missed ont month, why would he start now?



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  1. Wayne is Wicked smart, funny, and on point, Want to master the art, Follow this guy… He will get there and save a ton of money and years of wasted effort. How he it keeps is real and fresh is beyond me… Love this method and am free financially because of the years of practice with him, Only do what he says, Buy the book and live it… Or die trying

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