FXStreet News in Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Terminal FXStreet News_cutFXStreet’s Forex news quality is once again underlined: not only do we have more than 7000 users who read them on our website every day but they are also integrated into Bloomberg’s terminal. A direct feed from Twitter’s FXStreetNews comes into the Bloomberg system, so all clients, traders and banks in the world get FXStreet News instantly. They can also set up alerts when we release a new piece of news.

And that is on top of what we already mentioned last summer: FXStreetNews was ranked top worldwide among Twitter users of currency-market analysis, according to data compiled by Bloomberg based on followers, retweets and frequency of posts being tagged as a “favorite.”

Double recognition

Bloomberg trader terminal
(c) Bloomberg (Extract from promotional video)

This double recognition is priceless for us. First, being part of the professional Bloomberg system means our news are considered to be valuable for banks and institutional traders. This is quite something. Second, being ranked top worlwide in the currency-market analysis field on Twitter implies that private traders and all types of Forex-lover profiles consider our news are to be read.

Yes, this is source of great pride. And yes, today is the day we shamelessly say we have a great news team doing an excellent job around the clock 🙂

FXStreet News feed is not only available on FXStreet or on Bloomberg terminal: it’s also as a white-label product that can be integrated in third party’s webistes and platforms. Companies like Swissquote or Alpari Russia are clients of this service.



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