Bloomberg News ranks FXStreet’s Twitter profile among the top in its field

BloombergNewsFXStreet News is ranked top worldwide among Twitter Inc. users of currency-market analysis, according to data compiled by Bloomberg based on followers, retweets and frequency of posts being tagged as a ‘favorite’.” This is part of an article published this week in Bloomberg News regarding our company and its influence in foreign-exchange markets. There FXStreet has been mentioned as an example of Social Media channels management.

From FXStreet we’re proud of being useful to our audience. We work for you and this recognition has been possible thanks to you!

Are you missing something in our Facebook and Twitter channels? Tell us and we will do our best to ensure we meet your needs!

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  1. Congrats! You certainly deserve it.

  2. Habesah Bt Jusoh

    Nothing more perfect in news and fx analysis is fxstreet news and certainly are ranking # 1 in hot list among competitors and most wanted from currencies traders

  3. […] that is on top of what we already mentioned last summer: FXStreetNews was ranked top worldwide among Twitter users of currency-market analysis, according […]

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