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FXBeat LogoFXBeat, FXStreet’s news and commentary feed led by Jamie Coleman’s team keeps on helping traders around the clock. The service, which has become recently Premium and which soon will celebrate its first anniversary, is addressed to Forex traders. It informs them, in a fast and easy way, about what is going on in the market. Coleman’s team do not only give useful data, they also offer it in a witty environment and include some of those rumors who sometimes can have impact on the markets.

Jamie Coleman, Gerry Davies, Matt Bacon-Hall and Peter Fell form a team of experts with broad experience in foreign exchange markets.

Which are FXBeat’s strenghts?

  • Content automatically refreshed
  • It includes a filter by tag feature
  • It is managed by a team of experts in the Forex market
  • User’s participation is promoted through its commentary area

You can take advantage of its 30-days free trial, and see first-hand to what extend this service can improve your trading.

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