Defining FXStreet values

Every person in the world or group of people has values. Sometimes there are so naturally part of you, that it’s complicated to express them in words.

Last year here at FXStreet we worked defining the principles, beliefs and accepted standards that guide our everyday work and how we relate with the people and entities that surround us.FXStreet-Values

How did we proceed? We gathered the full team of the Barcelona office – around 25 people, which is not particularly a “task force group” as you would call it, but we felt it was everyone or no one, being such an important and fundamental process defining who you are and/or want to be as a group of people forming a company.

We started with the basic question: what values do you think we all share here? Brainstorming. Little by little, they came out and we took note of all of them on a whiteboard. Then we discussed these concepts: Is professionalism a value? Is it the same as commitment? Is leadership a value or a goal? Don’t all companies want to be leader of their sector? What are the values that really are specific to us? What will make us last as a company in the Forex World?

We organized different meetings to put all opinions together and decide on a short and final list of five values: Teamworking, Innovation, Vision, Feedback and Transparency.

When we looked at it, we realized that these values have been the motors that have been driving FXStreet since its foundation in 2000, and probably have helped us survive in the changing and tricky worlds of internet and forex.

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