Forex Charts provider change: good news for our users

TeleTrader Chart
TeleTrader Chart

We’ve changed the provider of our “Real-time Chart Station” and “Live Streaming Forex Charts“: it is now TeleTrader instead of Netdania. These are good news for all our users. Here is why:

  • The new charts can be used on any device: desktop, mobile or tablet — that was not the case until now!
  • No plug-ins, no hassle — Bye bye Java, hello HTML5! :

* Charts will upload much quicker than before

* They will be more stable and safer

  • All the options you had in the previous charts will be kept (save templates, add indicators and lines, choose time scale, etc etc) — AND you will get extra new options as:

* Compare your currency pair with other assets (Dow Jones, S&P500, Gold, etc) on a same chart

* Draw on your charts and write text

* Export the chart as an image

  • Clearer and more modern layout — old fashion is not bad or makes your trades worst, but in this case, new fashion is more intuitive, so easier!

Okay, let’s be honest, it’s not all advantages – what changes are always 100% positive by the way? You will have to get used to the new charts (even if it’s for better, changing is always a bit unsettling) and if you had saved templates on Netdania charts, you won’t be able to use them in these new charts (you will have to create new templates).

But if we make the list, it’s 7 yee-haws against 2 boos… quite a positive balance, isn’t it?

Enjoy the new charts and leave us your feedback here below in the comments section or send us an email, so we can improve the service and meet your needs as best as we can!

97 thoughts on “Forex Charts provider change: good news for our users”

  1. Dear FXStreet,

    I’ve yet to get used to your new format, but would it be possible to allow users to view more than just the pairs/indices in your limited list? I would like to view USD/RUB, etc., and now cannot do so…

    Thank you, and keep up the good work.


    1. Dear FXStreet/Maud,

      Thank you – USD/RUB and other non-major pairs are now available. Very helpful!

      BTW, a basic question – why are the FXStreet live quotes slightly different from those on my broker’s platform and on other sites?

      Have a good one.

  2. How can I make this update each min like the previous – we need a ‘heartbeat’ symbol to show it’s connected and updating…

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thanks for your comments. We are going to report this issue to our IT team right away to make sure the update of our chart is constant and automatic. Sorry for the incoveniences.

    1. Hi Keith
      We’re very sorry you are disappointed. Can you tell me what you dislike or what you miss from Netdania? Thank you!

      1. Try saving some charts ?? and getting it back later ??
        I am used to just clicking on a tab And Desired Charts are Ready !!
        Plus Where is the realtime price?? This is just a Nightmare –
        Sorry to be honest BUT This is Junk and waste of time I am Getting more info from my mobile phone than this set up.
        Regards Keith

        1. Hi Keith,
          You are right about live realtime data and we will have it for sure asap.
          You can save charts or templates if you go to “File” (top left corner). Then you can come back to it later by clicking on “Load” (under the same “File” menu).
          I hope it helps!

          1. Have tried to save charts several times and it Does not work !!
            I am no expert but i dont think its my computer !!
            regards keith.

          2. Hi Keith
            I’ve tried on two different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and it works just fine:
            – click on File, then select “Save”.
            – a pop up window opens, right the name of the chart you want to save, then click “Save”
            Save chart Teletrader
            – to see your save chart, click on “File” then “Load”
            – a pop up window opens with a list of your saved charts, click on the name of the chart you want to see, then click “Load” and it will be displayed.
            You can do the same with TEMPLATES.

  3. I have been using your Real-time Chart Station java version since 2009 without any problems at all, you have now gone and change it and I dont like it. for me it dosent have the same features as Net damia. I trade mainly USD/TRY EUR/TRY and you dont have theese charts therfor it’s useless for me. oh well guess I’ll have to look for an alternative. anyway thank you and good luck.

    1. Hi Omer,
      We’re glad you experienced no problem with Java, but many of our users did. We will add those two pairs you ask asap. Please let us know what else you miss from Netdania, and see if there is a solution with these new charts. Thank you!

  4. Hi,

    The new chart does not load and the screen keeps thinking forever. Is there any special settings or permissions required to run the new HTML5 based charts? Previous version had no issues.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Manabu,
      I’m sorry to hear this. You do not need any special settings, no. Just make sure you use the latest version of your internet browser. We recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox, but Explorer works too – as long as you update it to the newest version. I hope it works!

  5. Hello,

    I used to have bunch of desktops/layouts with different timeframes or currencies on Netdania. Didn’t find this feature here, will/can it be added?
    Was used to watch some 20 currencies on some 6 timeframes.. How can I do it here?
    Trendlines aren’t available. Drawing/writing on charts you mentioned isn’t available in my menu as well. I do see it in the menu in the chart here in this article, but my menu is missing these.
    Any solution?

    1. Hi Lukas,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback.
      We’ll see with our IT team if it’s possible to have a real “station” with different charts integrated in a workspace as we had with Netdania.
      As for the drawing and trendlines options, they are available in the “Live Streaming forex chart” page, but not in the other page. We’ll also ask our IT team if they can add it there too. Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences.

  6. hi,iam verry disappointed that i missed netdania stream charts.i like it very much. pl, bring it back.
    thank you

    1. Hi Murali
      I’m sorry you dislike these new charts, but we can not revert back I’m afraid. Can you tell me what you miss or would need? Thank you!

  7. Hi, Are these new charts live ? It’s not moving for me! And you can’t save the entire multiple charts page, just chart by chart… not very convenient, and close to useless if not live. Thanks.

    1. Hi toussaint,
      Thanks for your feedback. We will be activating the real time feature asap. As for the option to save the multiple charts page all together, we take note and will ask our IT team if it’s possible to have this feature. Thanks!

  8. in previous version there was a possibility to make a lot of workspaces, I used to make workspaces for different currency pairs, with different time frames, it was very convinient. now there is no such possibility. There also was a possibility to unpin the chart and and see the real time movement. I was using it since 2009 and was very happy about it, it was big dissapointment when I saw it doesn\\\’t work any more

    1. Hi Lukas,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback and we’re sorry to hear you are not happy with the change. We will do our best to improve the charts based on all our users feedback.
      We’ll see with our IT team if it’s possible to have a real “station” with different charts integrated in a workspace as we had with Netdania.
      We will be activating the real time feature asap so you’ll see the realtime movement.
      As for “unpin”, can you try the “pop out” option at the right top of the chart? I think that might be what you are looking for.

    1. Hi Murali,
      I’m not sure if it’s what you are looking for but there is a “Compare” option in the new charts where you can add other assets in the same chart. Hope it helps!

  9. hi,previously ,we used to get diff ,time frame graphs like,3 months and 4 months the new this option is not, provide.
    thank you.

  10. hi, there is a vast difference between compare and overlapping of diff currency there any proposal to provide overlapping option in future shortly.

    1. Hi Murali
      I’m sorry. If you could explain what is the overlapping option exactly, I will pass it on to our IT team to study if that can be offered! Thanks

  11. Hi,
    what a sad day. It was simply wonderful to have the possibility to save
    lot of workspaces and have in each workspace two or three different
    time frames to be compared at glance. I hope you can change this situation.
    Sorry for my english.

    1. Hi Fabio,
      We are taking into account your comment, other users also said they would like to be able to have a workspace. We will see if it’s possible to have this on TeleTrader, as I’m afraid getting back to Netdania is impossible. Thanks for your feedback!

  12. OK, my first impression is that the painting of the graphics leaves a lot to be desired. The candles are quite ugly compared to the netdania ones.
    The feel of the thing is completely different.
    But I suppose we\’ll get used to it.
    What I find hard to believe is that you\’ve gone to launch with a charting provider that provides a chart for which there isn\’t even the ability to draw trend lines.
    That, is odd.
    I suppose this whole move was motivated by Chrome\’s blocking of Java, which is why I moved to Firefox. Yes, I changed my browser simply because of the Netdania chart station, because it was that good.
    And now we have, sadly, a pale imimation of it.
    However, I never paid for it, so, who am I to complain that something that I never paid for has been taken away from it.
    Still, it\’s a sad day for those of us who secretly cherished the wonderful chart station.

    1. Hi Jason
      Thanks for your valuable feedback.
      We will see what we can do in terms of chart station options, as you are not the only user to ask for it. And as for the trendlines, you can use them in the Live Streaming Forex Chart (the vertical menu on the left of the chart), but not in the multiple charts page. We will see if it can be added there too.

  13. Where’s the LIVE streaming for multiple forex charting? Is there a trick to starting the streaming? This is NOT an improvement.

    1. Dear Rich
      We now haver real time live streaming. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

  14. Hey Guys – can I add 2 currencies to the same chart? I usually look at EURUSD & EURGBP on the same chart but can’t find the function to add it. Can you pls help.

    1. Hi Azwa,
      Yes, you can. Click on “Compare” at the top of the chart and you can add a second currency pair! I hope it helps

  15. Dear FXstreet, the fact you changed provider is not a good news at all as the new streaming charts do not work properly and are not updating in real time. Furthermore I like opening the charts on a separate page and I cannot see how you can do it here. I also cannot move the chart from inside. This new charts are awful. Hope you will fix them soon!!!!

    1. Hi Riccardo
      We now have the data in real-time live streaming.
      As for opening the charts, you can try these two options: “Pop Out”:

      or “Full Screen”

      I hope it helps!

  16. hi,in my previous comment, i pointed out overlapping of two currency netdania the exact movement of two currency pairs can be estimated easily with different time frames .where as in tele trader in the absence of overlapping option and different time frames, like 3months,4months etc it is difficult to find exact movements of two currency, try to provide that overlapping option in tele trader at least.
    thank you.

  17. Hi,
    1.realtime price
    2.EMA paramters:periods more to 20 000
    3.TICK records:periods more to 300 000
    INTRADAY,DAILY,WEEKLY,MONTHLY periods more to 2000
    4.MACD parameters:
    a. MOV1 peeriods more to 1000
    b. MOV2 more to 2000
    c. TRIGGER more to 1000

    1. Hi Chris
      Thanks for your message. It’s now realtime streaming
      As for your other requests, we will see with TeleTrader if it’s possible as these are not common parameters. Thank you!

  18. Has anyone else notised this. When opening TeleTrader Chart Station it uses huge amount of memory. In my computer Firefox uses over 1GB and Chrome over 400MB. A lot more than Netdania which uses little over 150MB. Is there anything to do that, other than buy more memory or new computer? After the software change my trading is zero. I have such good setups in Netdania and haven´t found better yet.

  19. hey well done for sorting the real time out.
    Any chance you could sort the correct time on the charts please ??
    GMT – BST in the uk.

    1. Hi Keith
      Glad you are happy about the real-time streaming.
      As for the time, it’s in CET time and we can not change it unfortunately. If you are in the UK, you have to subtract one hour.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      At the moment, we do not have pivot points on these charts. We take note of your request and will see with TeleTrader if they can be added. Thanks for your message!

  20. Sorry, but it’s a major BOO.
    I used this page for the full screen view (detach) with easy tab switch.
    I switched to another resource in the meantime.

    1. Hi Emmanuel
      There is also a “Full Screen” option in this chart… just look for it at the top of the graph:

      1. Hello Maud,
        I had seen that feature, but that’s not what I meant. Like Ricardo above, I liked the full screen view of 4 graphs, not just one.
        I don’t care about changes in UI details; what I liked in the former page was the full screen with 4 graphs and various tabs (I used it to see various time scales). Both features have been removed.
        Could these features be restored?

        1. Hi Emmanuel
          Ok, I understand now. I’m not sure it’s possible, but we will see with Teletrader. Thanks for your valuable feedback!

          1. Hello Maud,
            Any news on this?
            I still use my alternative page, a second best compared to your former functionality.
            I am still interested by the full page view of 4 graphs, with tabs.

          2. Hi Emmanuel
            I’m sorry but we won’t be able to have the functionalities you request. Our apologies again for the inconvenience. We hope this is something we can get again in the future, but honestly, there is no information that this will happen for the moment.
            Best Regards,

  21. Your new multiple page for live charts that was started at or near Sept 1st is very poor and does not allow to save the page settings. This is not user friendly. Why the changes and can you revert to the previous view and format that was offered with Netdania?

    1. Hi Prof trader,
      We’re sorry if you are unhappy with the change.
      You are able to save chart templates with these new charts, but not the full station. We will see with TeleTrader if it can be done.
      Why the change? For the reasons explained in the post, mainly that html5 is a much better, safer and responsive format than JavaScript.

  22. I feel the same as Keith who commented on the change above.
    Since I want to have four charts at the same time, I need ONE template for four charts. Your answer to Keith’s question to “load template” doesn’t solve anything as it deals with one chart only. Having to switch all the templates is simply annoying and wastes a lot of time (BTW refreshing the page kills the previous settings as well!), please fix it. In Netdania you had also a nice functionality to have four different charts on separate pages. So when I logged in I had those saved templates and could move accross those pages. I cannot find this functionality here. A guide could help a lot as now one can learn only by trying which again wastes a lot of time.
    Last but not least, why don’t the charts refresh in real time? It is absolutely critical.
    To conclude, Java platform sucked, I agree, but what we have now is rather useless for those who would like to use your charts as a quick reference for trading decisions.
    I hope my comments will be helpful. I really liked your page. Now I’ll have to look for something else.
    Good luck!

    1. Hi Roman,

      The chart station as such, with the possibility to save the workspaces- is unfortunately lost. We asked the provider TeleTrader is they are willing to do such an development and are pending responce.
      As for the funcionality that allows you see the charts in full screen, with the new TeleTrader chart you should be able to expand one of the charts to full screen or pop out one or all four charts.
      If your charts are not refreshing itself in real time, please clean your cache. Probably you are visiting some of the firts versions which didn’t have the real time option.

      Thanks for your valuable feedback!

  23. Hi, I just need a few currency pairs, but I need to type again each time, and the typing setting is unfriendly. would you put the currency pair at frequency search order?

  24. Hi Zanria,

    Which are the pairs you use more frequently? We will change the order of the pairs and will put the most visited in the firsts positions, but it would be great to know your specific needs.


  25. Hi Zanria,

    thanks for your comment. We’ll add all the pairs you mentioned in the firts positions. The only exception will be the USD/ZAR that should be searched using the search box.

    Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback. Regards,

  26. Like lots of the others above I am very disappointed with yr change away from netdania. I cannot find a help quide at all & I deem this sorry program an epic FAIL. I have turned to the protrade to get something going. With all the very very good things you have on this site it is a shame to see it stuffed up like this.Z

  27. I went through the “good news” as you called it for the provider change..and I hate to write it..but you must be smoking something if you are serious about.. Epic FAIL. Can’t draw even a f’king trend line. Loading my charts everytime just sucks. Loading my pairs everytime just sucks..

    And now one of the chart windows (I use four) is just empty, no data, just menu..I can load whatever, I can change pair to still won’t show any chart.

    I know, I didn’t pay a dime..but it’s like dumping Rolls to some kitcar..
    “Good news for our users”?? Say what? :/ Quite a wild expectation I’d say..

    Just many of your users consider this move a good/better one?

    1. Hi Lukas,
      We are not aware of this problem you have that in fact was not reported by any other users. Can you clean cache and reload the page? Here you have instructions on how to clean cache on different browsers:
      I hope it helps!

  28. could you possibly dump TeleTrader charts and return to Netdania please? These TeleTrader charts are painful.

  29. Only came across these charts a week ago, so I don’t have the exposure to your previous type, but I am very pleased with them as I don’t need too much complexity e.g. Envelopes and RSI. easy to save setup. I was using and the underlying software to run them (silverlight) really chewed up computer resources and power and caused constant freezing. HTML5 seems much superior.

  30. I’m from the background of inter bank FX trader, technology and other areas. Just want to share my view here.
    I do think the previous application, Netdania, is better, perhaps, the best chart application that I’ve ever used since my first chart application, teletrac, experience more than 20 years ago.
    Having said this, I prefer html5 to Java, or flash, technology in building chart application because it’s faster and it won’t freeze your PC. In fact, I’m using my own html5 chart application now as I can customize the information to be presented and put in other features like VaR, Beta, etc. that I think they’re helpful.

    Just few comments on the new application TeleTrader from fxstreet.
    1. it’s rather confusing to change the data range from intraday to daily, weekly, etc.
    2. Trend line needs to be automatically attached to the high / low of the bar. Otherwise, the result of support or resistance is only an approximation. Netdania does this well and not many chart applications do this for some reason.
    3. Instruments selection is rather inconvenient.

    Saving capability, numerous oscillators, making comment on chart, etc. aren’t necessary for my purpose. I suppose these are individual preference and reason behind of using the chart.

    1. Thanks for your valuable feedback. I’ve sent it to our development team. Though I’m afraid that we won’t be able to revert back to Netdania, it’s still interesting to get your insights!

      1. Hi Maud,
        I’m aware of this save template feature, but what happen when I closed firefox and the next time I restart firefox and visit to view streaming chart the saved template is no longer in the listing.

        1. Hi ST,
          Can you make sure that all cookies are saved on your browser? I believe that there is a relation and if your cookies are disabled, you will not be able to keep your settings.

    1. Hi G Perry,
      Our apologies for the inconveniences
      Thanks for letting us know. Our IT team is going to look into this asap. We appreciate your feedback!

  31. don\’t understand the departure from Netdania. By far[netdania] the best charts! yeah, yeah, java based, they\’ll change over. In the mean time, good luck with your completely unintuitive charting packages, i\’ll stick with netdania thanks

  32. Good News folks! You can still use your beloved old NetDania charts by simply going to and clicking products, then down to chart station and viola! Forget these new crap charts!

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