Women of the Street – FT Video

FT_Women of the StreetTo close the series of interviews with our eight Women in Forex, we wanted to share with you a video from the Financial Times that our Head of Content Pere Monguió found a few days ago.

Investment is a man’s world, despite evidence that women may well be better at it. Why? John Authers talks to Suzanne Duncan of State Street and Meredith Jones, author of Women of the Street in a search for answers.

Here are some of the key points these two specialists explain in the video you can watch here below:

  • A few behavorial and cognitive characteristics make women excellent candidates for trading and investment, among others, comparing to men:
    • Men’s definition of success is to outperform the market. They are more into  concrete and short-term, easily quantified goals, while women are more comfortable with achieving abstract and long-term goals.
    • Men tend to be overconfident (“every idea I have –  buying or selling – is right”), women don’t. Overconfidence tends to lead to bubbles.
  • The best for a team is diversification of genders. 100% of either gender is not optimal.
  • Why so few momen join the trading world? It’s cultural – not many women see themselves working in a trading floor among young men shouting at each others, the image we all have from movies like “Wall Street”.

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