Meet Desy, FXStreet’s Content Assistant

We are headquartered in Barcelona, but our site wouldn’t be the same without its 30 international co-workers that cover financial markets all around the world. And that’s why today we want to introduce you Desy, FXStreet’s Content Assistant. She explains to us how is for her working from Indonesia, her hobbies and shows us the most incredible beaches to visit in her country. Be aware because you might want to pack your things and move to Jakarta.

Desy at work

You are a Content Assistant but working remotely. Where are you located and how is a typical working day for you?

I’m located in Indonesia, South East Asia. Indonesia is an archipelago, we have 5 major islands, and soooo many medium/small ones. I live in Jawa (Java), one of the major islands. You must know Java (programming language and computing platform). 

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Elizabeth Beluguina and Zaheer Anwari, new Premium speakers

We are very excited to announce that two new speakers will now be teachers of our Premium Webinars service! They both have extended experience as traders in the currency markets and as educators.

Elizabeth Belugina

Elizabeth Beluguina / Head Analyst – FBS

Trader and analyst with more than 6 years of financial markets experience, Elizabeth Beluguina relies on her technical skills but always combines technical analysis with a thorough review of the fundamental picture. She is a frequent host of seminars and webinars on currency, commodity and stock trading. Check all her content on FXStreet

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Meet Setxi, FXStreet’s CEO

Today we have a special guest in our series of FXStreet Team interviews: Setxi, our new CEO. One of the company founders, Setxi, who originally was the IT developer of the website, has been COO for several years. He now faces a new role at FXStreet, as Chief Executive Officer. In our interview, he reveals the new direction of his job position and its daily challenges, as well as some more personal tastes and activities.

Setxi at work

DSC_0574 copia

How does a day in the life of the CEO at FXStreet look?

I have insomnia problems and when I can’t sleep I start working. Depending on the hour, I try to sleep again but if I don’t succeed, I go to the office. At the office, I invest my time in meetings, reading new and useful information and working on Excel sheets. Nowadays, I rarely program 🙁 

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Etienne Crete interviewed nearly 100 traders and got their Forex secrets for you

This week marked the publication of the 94th interview Etienne Crete published on the Desire To Trade Podcast, a show that was started slightly less than 2 years ago in the hope to have a positive impact on Forex traders.

Desire To Trade Podcast Logo

As the podcast is about to reach the 100th interview, this blog post will highlight some of the lessons that all FXStreet’s readers can apply in their trading to get results fairly quickly.

 Successful trading happens when you…

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How to make the most of our Interactive chart

Rates and Charts is one of our most popular sections and that’s why today we want to guide you through the section, and especially the Interactive Chart.

If you need a professional, web-based, fully customizable and free charting platform, our Interactive Chart is the one you need to trade with full confidence!


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Meet Dani, FXStreet’s HR Manager

Today we are more than happy to present you one of our team members, based at the Barcelona office. Meet Dani, who is responsible of the individual employee coaching service of the company and its internal mediation service.

Dani at work

dani blog

What is your role at FXStreet?

My role at FXStreet is to take care of the company’s job conditions and work environment and I like my job! I think our team members enjoy working in a good environment at FXStreet, so it’s not difficult for me to manage it. Obviously sometimes some problems may arise but our employees are professional people, so usually those problems are solved quite fast… event if not always of course.  Continue reading Meet Dani, FXStreet’s HR Manager

FXStreet, Finalist of the Benzinga Fintech Awards 2017!

We are excited to announce that FXStreet has been selected as a finalist of the Benzinga Fintech Awards, under the Best Forex Platform, Tool or App. benzinga

We want to thank all our users who voted for us and helped FXStreet to become a finalist!

The Benzinga Awards is a competition to showcase the companies with the most impressive technology, who are paving the future in financial services and capital markets.  Continue reading FXStreet, Finalist of the Benzinga Fintech Awards 2017!

Join our social media celebration!

Today we are thrilled to share with you great news. Our Facebook page has reached 75.000 likes and our Twitter account @FXStreetNews now has more than 100.000 followers! We want to give you a huge thank you for making it possible and because of that, we want you to be part of it with two amazing contests. It’s our users celebration, it’s your celebration (yeah, YOURS)!

Keep reading to discover how to participate.


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Joseph Trevisani interviews Valeria Bednarik

As every Wednesday, Joseph Trevisani will present an edition of his series of interviews called “Market Directions” with the most experienced analysts, educators, technicians and traders of the currency market.

This week, Joseph Trevisani’s guest is Valeria Bednarik, Chief Analyst at FXStreet. You can register now!


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