Top 10 2017: News, Analysis and Live Video Shows

Today, we continue with our Top 10 Content published on our website! It includes the most read and viewed content by our online users during the year that it’s about to end.

There are six categories by type of content: Analysis Articles, Economic Calendar Events, Educational Articles, News, Contributor Articles, and Live Video Shows. The ranking is based on total page views.

Today, we unveil the Top 10 News pieces, the Top 10 Analysis articles and the Top 10 Live Video Shows.


  1. North Korea has decided not to launch a missile attack on Guam – WSJ by Felipe Erazo.
    In this article, Felipe Erazo discusses North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, who has been playing with fire all year long.
  2. Mark Carney’s speech Live Stream – BOE Press Conference Today by FXStreet Team.
    One of our new features this year has been the frequency to provide Live coverage on key macro events.
  3. UK’s PM Theresa May speech – Live by Pablo Piovano.
    The UK election was a big blow for UK PM May, her gamble was our blessing.
  4. Live Stream – Janet Yellen speech by Matias Salord.
    Providing previews ahead of major events has been a win recipe to boost our readers.
  5. FOMC members: Hawks vs doves into 2017 – Westpac by Sandeep Kanihama.
    Readers were really curious to find out who stays on what camp in the Fed this year.
  6. When is the German election and how could it affect EUR/USD? by Eren Sengezer.
    A preview of the German election and its effect on the Euro was certainly of interest for the market.
  7. Fed Yellen’s speech at Jackson Hole Symposium Live Video by Ross Burland.
    As every year, the Fed’s Jackson Hole Symposium attracted plenty of attention.
  8. EUR/USD: Something strange happening – Deutsche Bank by Sandeep Kanihama.
    The headline was simply too irresistible not to click. The insights it contained? A visit well justified, wouldn’t you agree?
  9. Mario Draghi’s speech Live Coverage – ECB Press Conference Today by FXStreet Team.
    There is a reason we call him ‘Super Mario’. He has made it evidently clear in many of his speeches. Here was one more example.
  10. USD/CAD spikes on Trump-Trudeau stand-off and 20% tariffs on Canadian lumber by Ross Burland.
    The Loonie had some major volatile moves in 2017, this headline showcases the type of conditions CAD traders went through.


  1. 4 ways the Fed could move markets, even though a rate hike is 100% priced in by Matt Weller.
    Fed doesn’t move markets only with interest rate moves, here’s other reasons why.
  2. Persistence of the USD rout shows traders are fed-up by Barbara Rockefeller.
    The Trump Trade reversed during the first half of the year and Barbara Rockefeller had her best takes on it. This was one of the best.
  3. Pound tumbles after weak UK GDP, latest UK election polling by James Chen.
    Sharp moves need sharp analysis. This reaction article to one of the falls Cable took in the first semester of the year was sharp indeed.
  4. Preparing for the EUR & GBP Rollercoaster Ride by Kathy Lien.
    Early June saw tons of action in the FX market. Here, Kathy Lien prepared readers for an eventful June 8th, with UK Snap Election and a key ECB Meeting.
  5. Fed rate hike is a done deal, but what comes next! by Orbex Team.
    In this article, Colibri Trader walks us through one of the most popular trading indicators out there- the MACD.
  6. 5 fundamental events every serious trader should know about by Colibri Trader.
    Colibri talks about volatility-providing events every trader should be aware of.
  7. Predicting Big Market Moves by Sam Seiden.
    In this video, the expert talks about his main interest when trading: catching the big ones!
  8. Incorporating Fibonacci Retracement in your Existing Trading Strategy by Adinah Brown.
    In this article, Adinah speaks about ways of adding Fibonacci retracements to your existing strategy.
  9. Self-Mastery: How to Stay Calm and Disciplined When the Money is Real by Randee Howell.
    Rande Howell from Traders State of Mind walks us through ways of keeping your wits and being more discipline when trading.
  10. Invest in Yourself by Axel Merk.
    The Forex expert gives us valuable advice on how life can be better with 2 simple habits.


  1. How to trade President Donald Trump – Panel with Boris Schlossberg, Joseph Trevisani and Harry Dent by Ross J. Burland.
  2. Supply and Demand Strategies – Premium by Sam Seiden.
  3. 3 Ways To Make More Money Trading – Premium by Walter Peters.
  4. Trading and Analysis: Quantifying the real market supply and demand – Premium by Sam Seiden.
  5. USD/JPY started potential retrace into 113.20 by Giuseppe Basile.
  6. Trading 2016 and beyond by David Pegler.
  7. How to build a profitable Intraday-Trading strategy – Discover tactics of discretionary and quantitative Pro-Traders – Part 3 by Jens Klatt.
  8. Supply / Demand and Odds Enhancers – Part 1: Foundation – Premium by Sam Seiden.
  9. The One Trading Technique That No One Looks At But Will INSTANTLY Improve Your Trading – Premium by Alex Ong.
  10. How to identify market’s reversal – Premium by Elizabeth Belugina.

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